The Enigma’s Of Humor

The Emotional Conundrum

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


I’ve always had an intrinsic infatuation for the rudimentary understanding of jokes construction, not from a lexical syntactic or ambiguous perspective, but from a more cerebral abstract framework.
The riddle of discoveries is in its elementary stages and i’m eager beyond human description to explore the magnificent wonders of humor.

Embracing the rudiments of humor is quite an intriguing phenomenon, And demystifying this all encompassing comedic enigma would be an evolutional paradigm. I ponder the fundamental core of humor lies in the non literal aspect of linguistics, or at least it allows us to unambiguously dissect subsets of humor.

I’ve explored the psychological aspect of humor, The emotional before and after dichotomy is so ironic in the grander scheme of comedic enigma. The bewildering moment of uncertainty projecting an eagerly anticipated ambiguity, coated with a sense of optimism, then a stage manifestation of elated exhilarating actuality, that pivots an emotional partitioning that’s ironically uncanny. I coined the term ‘Emotional Dichotomy’

Exploring the multiple facets of humor requires an intrinsic insight into multiple dimensions, such as the juxtaposition of irrationality and logic, these form of abstract mental concepts can spew forth comedic ingenuity, a conceptual territory that’s infinite in purity and harbors no tenants of luxury.

I apologize for vagueing my last paragraphs, but I pose my hypothesis as a mere introduction to the wondrous magnificence of humor, that’s been academically latent to our past evolutionary predecessors, oblivion of grandeur I presume.

On the contrary, Having a fundamental understanding of how humor works is not conducive to being funny, nor does it equate comedic advantage, Which begs the question? If not theoretical, then genetical affiliation might be a primary factor in explaining sporadic intuitive or instinctive spontaneity in humor, to which is more of a neurological study rather than the non literal aspect of theoretical linguistics.

As an introvert in solitude i’m always in a condescending sense of awe when these trivial mundane comedic authorities babble their mediocre tirades of structural humor, the gist of intellectual debris curtailing their pigs-cum of knowledge on the pool of naive and innocent.

Nevertheless, I am a student of comedy, and to assume authority over an enigma that hasn’t been demystified would make me a victim of my own discretion, a contradictive paradox is a luxury I cannot afford.

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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