15: Arbitration Equilibrium & Dichotomy


       The Correlation Between
   Arbitration Equilibrium and Dichotomy

Arbitration is the intermediary between two opposing forces that innocuously balances the equation between an iniquitous misappropriation. Primarily solving disputes, discrepancies and partitioned issues.

Equilibrium are two opposing forces that influences each other and inevitably juxtaposes themselves and becomes a balanced equation. A concurrent reversal that equates each, primarily a movie protagonist collaborating with the villain for bigger cause.

Dichotomy is the partitioning or polarization of a whole into two contrasting or opposing parts, somewhat like dualism, except dualism is still part of a whole, but a dichotomy is somewhat of two mutually exclusive parts to which i find paradoxical.

Arbitrations, Equilibriums and Dichotomies are synonymous in nature, they’re all contingent on two mutually exclusive parts precedes or serving as a prerequisite to a wholeness; whether the wholeness exist in the former or latter of partitioning.

Both elements exist in all three; So what does this mean? It means that both arbitrations, equilibriums and dichotomies are abstract concepts and metaphorically interchangeable. 

Whole becoming parts and parts becoming whole, although all three deviate in a myriad of variables, the rudiments remain identical in their specifications. These abstract concepts serve as a metaphors to a football and boxing referees; the same dynamics involved with synonymous characteristics.

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
On Saturday February 2nd 7.01 pm 2014
Location: Starbuck Coffee “Macy.”

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