20: Physics of Visual Surrealism

The Physics of Visual Surrealism

Music, Physics & Semantics

Surrealism is a cultural and artistic avant-garde movement in art and literature during the 20th century; unleashing creative potentials and explosive artistic innovation, through the juxtaposition of the subconscious and dream-state. Salvador Dali, was a prominent cornerstone in the movement; an eccentric technical virtuoso, one of the prolific artist of the twentieth century. Surrealistic art is intriguing because the visual creativity derives from automatism, the improbable nature of chance and subconscious associations.

In the musical diatonic scales the Cmaj scales, “C D E F G A B C” and the Fmaj scales, “F# G# A# B C# D# F#;” both scales are mutually exclusive keys; however, they share one common denominator, “B;” meaning, in order to transition from one key to another fluently, the “B” note must bridge the musical gap between contrasting keys—resolving the musical incongruity and creating a commonality between what’s seamlessly a diatonic disparity.

“Room in Your Coffee” is syntactically or structurally ambiguous; meaning, the multiple interpretation of a sentence. “Room” being a “noun;” space occupancy, and “room” as the “verb,” “living in a room.” The piece exploits the ambiguous interpretation of words and illustrates both semantical attributes in the teacups spatial schema. (Falling under the subset of linguistics called semantics). There’s many visual disparities; a high-speed train, an obscure stop sign, and dark-blue round ball tank converters—–

—-a mechanical apparatus functioning as an agent or instrument; processing bean-like seeds into powder that dissolves into coffee. A dapper pianist wearing a tuxedo, flipping musical-scores—composing and arranging in deep serenity. The contrasting checkered black and white floor wobbles to the space-time curvature in our fourth dimension; the black and white squares compresses below the surface illustrating gravity’s curvature in space and time, while the tree, buildings and other objects gravitate towards a geometric and symmetrical axis.

The prevalent color that permeates this art is blue, an intermediary between green and violet in the optical spectrum. Blue is higher up the electromagnetic spectrum of light; “the electromagnetic spectrum” is a scientific jargon used to define the range of light existing in its entirety. From radio waves to gamma radiation; although most of light’s electrical current or magnetic field are not visible by the human eyes, there’s a detectable range of wavelengths between red and violet—which is energy oscillation interpreted by the layers of sensitive cells in our retina into color.

When light from the sun travels to earth blue wavelength collides with tiny air molecules and scatters throughout the atmosphere because of its shorter wavelengths; hence, the sky is blue. The expressive sentiments of this piece is subjective and opened to interpretation based on someone’s artistic appreciation, experience and visual relation; although the painter’s landscape of explanation and definition has its own connotative, It’s relativistic viewpoint in proportion with something else emulates its value in a priceless category that’s immeasurable!

See more of his work at— Nicky Shane Art

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