AD(HD) The Bullshit Disorder

S(AD(HD) Selective Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


AD(HD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” is considered a common Neurobehavioral Disorder, and “Behavioral Neurology is the study and assessment of a persons Neurological State by observing their behavior. Behavioral Neurology is a sub-speciality of Neurology, and it specializes in memory, behavior and cognition, the damages and disease they cause and how they can be treated.

The two pervasive fields associated with Behavioral Neurology is, Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology. According to Neuroscientists at, “,” (A website founded in 1995 by science writer Dan Hogan, the articles are selected through news releases submitted by credible universities and institutions, although some articles are written by the website staff) So clearly there’s some credulity to the researches done. They found a clear distinction between people with AD(HD) vs the ones without. Science Daily AD(AD) Neuroscientist Study.

They did a study called, (FMRI, Function Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to scan 16 boys between the ages of 8 to 13, 10 suffered from AD(HD), while 6 did not, and the test did not use inhalation, injection or any kind of radioactive substances. All it does is study natural occurring patterns and changes in how the brain functions.

They made the boys lay in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging device while it scanned their Frontal Lube and different aspects of their brains during a test, all 16 boys were subjectively given a game to play on a display screen, they were supposed to press a button every-time they saw a letter of the Alphabet popped up on the screen, “Except for the X,” now while there’s multiple letters flashing on the screen, they need to control their impulse in order to avoid pressing the X, when it popped up.

The 10 (AD(HD) boys failed miserably, or atleast they found it more difficult, because according to Neuroscientist, poor impulse control is one of the major symptoms of AD(HD). When the test was done, they saw a major difference in the activation of neuronal tissues in two structures of the striatal region, which is responsible for motor control.

Here’s the arbitrary part, the boys were then tested under a drug called, “Ritalin,” which is a drug stimulant that temporarily relieves AD(HD), it supposedly causes dopamine neurotransmission, and is said to cure impulsiveness, hyperactivity and the inability to pay attention. They then mentioning running the test on girls before they can find a universal behavioral marker.
This basically means, they using Pharmaceutical Drugs on inconclusive diagnosis; However, if AD(HD) is a symptoms base neuro-behavioral disorder, why aren’t there symptoms based solutions?

There are two major companies that makes Ritalin, Novartis Pharmaceutical, which is a Swiss Multinational pharmaceutical Company ranking 2nd with sales of over ($46,806 BillionUS) and Ciba-Geigy Corporation. In 1996, they merged forming one of the largest pharmaceutical company worldwide.
Norvatis and Ciba-Geigy Corporation Merging
(Ciba-Geigy AG, Former Swiss pharmaceutical company formed in 1970 from the merger of Ciba AG and J.R. Geigy SA. Ciba started out in the 1850s as a silk-dyeing business and branched out into pharmaceuticals in 1900)

Years ago I traded in the Stock Market, and I learned that studying a companies “Annual Report” is the most comprehensive way of understanding their fiscal activities within a preceding year, especially if you’re an investor. When I looked up the corporation publication for their 2012 annual report, I saw an 800×600 fullscreen image of a Child holding a photo of herself, that’s the PDF Format introduction to the pharmaceutical companies annual report?

Image Of Cancer Patient & Pharmacist On The 2012 Annual Report
Below is the second rhetorical image, there’s a picture of a pharmacist holding medicine; apparently, capitalizing on the emotions of societies naiveness seems far more imperative than the logicality and theoretical facts to support AD(HD)
Image Of Cancer Patient & Pharmacist On The 2012 Annual Report
(AD(HD) is characterized by restlessness, difficulty focusing, poor impulse control, distractibility, and in some cases overactivity; plus these symptoms have significant negative consequences on the child’s academic performance, social skills, and relationships with family members, teachers, and peers. In addition, ADHD is often accompanied by learning disorders, discipline problems, anxiety, and/or depression) provided this information.

The fundamental diagnosis of AD(HD) is based on the pattern symptoms of the above mentioned, a symptoms based disorder that lacks the scientific theoretical rudiments to justify its factuality beyond the scope of symptoms.
“Attention Deficit Disorder” is a Bullshit Disorder, because every diagnosed or self-diagnosed AD(HD) individual I encounter share the same common denominator, pertaining to their illness, (no exceptions) “The selective disorder.”

A family member of mine claims to have AD(HD) The disorder has affected his ability to study, practice the guitar and research information pertaining to projects relating to his actual job. Ironically; AD(HD) makes an immediate exception when it comes to smoking, drinking, gambling, womanizing and casual recreation. The myriad of people that share this commonality is ubiquitous.

Similar scenario with a preceding relationship, AD(HD) affected her reading, writing, and school exams; However, the AD(HD) immediately compromised during card games, clubbing, alcoholism and celebrity gossips, AD(HD) kicked right back in during intellectual debates and other mind challenging scenarios that’s contingent on actual productive brain usage.

I had a roommate who was diagnosed with AD(HD) his selective symptoms always kicked in when it’s time to design-websites, promote and market projects, or any other activity that required a little brainwork; but it immediately compromised when he smoked his bong, downloaded movies on Netflix, invited girls over, throw parties and watched porn.

I know The above three examples may undermine my point, because there’s a fine line between selective AD(HD) and addictions, and I honestly don’t know where to draw the line pertaining to addictions vs non-non addictions. I can only compare the commonalities between the things AD(HD) affects from what it doesn’t.

With (AD(HD) and all other behavioral disorders, you cannot exclude the modicum of exceptions to the rule, However, you cannot deny the empirical convenient-selectiveness of it, it’s astronomical.

Pharmaceutal Drug Companies and their iniquitous shenanigan ploy to capitalizing on the masses servitude, while society self-imposes these disorders on themselves through media marketing and advertisements, and without an iota of prudence, the sensationalistic masses rapaciously devour their rhetorics, like a contemporary religion they can curtail to suit their personals needs. Conveniently and Selectively compartmentalizing how the disorder affects them, and this inadvertently allows a billion dollar industry to flourish annually.

Pharmaceutical Companies are not interested in knowing whether a disorder is facts or fiction, it’s major concern is to create a remedy to facilitate any, and all given symptoms; whether viable or unviable.

The exact cause of AD(HD) is unknown, but It is considered genetically affiliated. If (AD(HD) is an objectively legitimate disorder, then it should not possess any external biases; why does it patronize lackadaisical, extracurricular activities? Then the symptoms contrastingly opposes curriculum based activities; (Theoretically and Practical)

(AD(HD) never affects the things you appease to, like; gambling, drinking, smoking, partying, video-gaming, getting laid, shopping, watching movies etc…it only works as an intermediary between people and their procrastinating state. AD(HD) “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” needs to be changed to SAD(HD) “Selective Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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