The Emotional Dichotomy in Humor

The Emotional Dichotomy in Humor

Humor and Depression

Alvin Hin, is a comedian who recently committed suicide, he convinced me on numerous occasions that I’m a profound genius and “what am I doing at Flappers Comedy Club open mic.” A laudable gesture indeed; however, i found myself avoiding his flattery for low self-esteem reasons.

The irony of someone with such high optimistic values toward others prone to despondency and dejection, is a baffling contention. His first audition in Flappers, we had a tedious discussion over the myriad of irony in humor and the different forms of ambiguity; primarily verbal and visual etc. That same evening “Vinny” “Flappers Grinch,” unofficially interjected the conversation to enlighten “Alvin” on my “illegal-immigrant-status,” and “the “N” trying to act college educated, “label.”

Myself and Alvin of course chuckled ostensibly—because after-all, our initial introduction was centered around his familiarity with my virtual persona, “Mr Pregnant,” he was a devout fan. Another evening in the YooHoo Room we had a dialogue centered around Newton Laws of Motion, Thermodynamics and the Entropic Principle.

I love extracting propagating metaphors in physics and implementing it into performance art; synonymous to buying “put options” in the Stock-Market that allows you to capitalize on the price-fall, seems like a logical investment, profit from downturn. I actually wrote a paper centered around two contrasting school of investments.
Financial vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market.

Another paper i wrote was on the ecological synchronicity in nature and its interdisciplinary principles are metaphorically applicable on every platform of study— The Laws of Physics Are Conducive To Systematic Anomalies, to which i’ve seen patterns in nature predicating with intuition like a synergy. Our dialogues lasted a few short minutes but interestingly studious. Alvin Hin believes I’m a genius, a savant of some sort, and that’s gratifying—but simply not true!

I remember telling him to implement the entropic principle in the failure of his material, be genuinely disingenuous to which is oxymoronic, authentically aware while being unaware. Equivalent to the hypothetical scenario in the TV Show “Macgyver,” where external objects are positioned to facilitate his needs, predicating Newtons Third Law of Motion and Entropy; “every force or action is contingent on an equal reactive or opposing force—two opposing forces creates an equilibrium while the entropic principle disperses into less conservation disorder.

Unlike the simulated version, our external factors are contingent on the laws of physics, irony, coincidences and other sorts of idiosyncratic scenarios to predicate the Mygyver metaphor, A performance script harbors a major constriction on intuition, or confines it to concepts—invariably, the immediacy of conscious reasoning protrudes regardless of the encircle of rules.

Nevertheless; the irony of such a notion, when 99% of my innate or fixed pattern of comedic behavior is systematically schemed in advance, not in the detailed scripted sense, but a somewhat intuitive immediacy devoid of social-consequences. This is conducive to the equilibrium of intuition, a knowledgeable perception obliviously devoid of consequences.

It’s a psychological mental equilibrium, where the dominant perception offsets the subordinated emotion, the ambivalent contradiction is a rivalry between logic and thoughtless immediacy. The former is far more pervasive because of our perceptive accordance with reason, and the latter is intimidating because human efficiency doesn’t lend itself well to ambiguity.

If a mental predicament of such pronounced nature isn’t detectably isolated and addressed immediately, what justice does ones intellectual capacity and creative power render to the service to his comrades? I’ve been chastised, satirized and ostracized my entire life, by Friends, Family and Associates—labelled an “Actor, Character, Weird or Crazy.” Depression is quite pervasive amongst comedians, and it’s self-explanatory, many deep introspected comedians suffer from isolation and social-awkwardness.

Social-awkwardness is not a luxury, it’s a physiological deficiency that’s confounding; every social encounter depletes my self-esteem, my ego deteriorates gradually. Sometimes the facial gestures, condescension, sarcasm, weird-stares—-it sabotages the ego. Many fall victim of their own discretion and a product of their delusion, and this misconception society has on comedians as being the quintessential of amusement is an illusory syndrome.

Comedians are fallible and prone to suffer changes in their brain chemistry and induce illnesses like everyone else, whether physiological or mental. Sometimes humor is a diversion medium from imminent issues, a defense mechanism or retaliation from societies constriction and rules. A comedian once uttered his appalling distaste for political systems, U.S. Debt, Religious Indoctrinations, Pseudo and Quasi-Science, and he’s confronting those Social, Political and Economical issues with devout conviction, to the point where it has psychologically altered his mental state to sudden confrontational outburst, and aggressive belligerent-like behavior.

Dave Gregory, is a comedian that fascinates me, because he embraces all his idiosyncrasies with a passion that defies human description, from his; medical issues, financial status, personal sex-life and other sexual innuendos. That’s his medium of expression, his outburst of emotions, his methodology to evoke laughter, and there’s a deep seeded philosophical undertone engrained in all his material, if he ceases to exist tomorrow he’s redeemed himself from the flustered confinements of his mind.

Keith Kelly, and his immaculate juxtaposition of incongruity, merging of the incompatible, combining concepts that are completely incompatible and finding an absurd common denominator they share. Painting an absurd picture using incongruous imagery, and a peculiar cadence in his tonality, to which is an interesting academic study; the relationship between phonological-intonation, versification and humor deliveries, and how it affects cognitive interpretations. Read my paper on….. The Phonology of Modulation Cadence Inflection and Intonation

Pedro Salinas, structure and consistency is uncanny, the paragon of humor qualities that arouse my resentment, “Euphemism” for jealously. I’ve immersed myself in his performances consistently, and the level in which he conveys a practical observation using dialogues is simply laudable. I’ve made him chuckle on multiple occasions, and thats pacifying!

Sean Komarnitsky, eccentricity is uncontrollably paradoxical; a constant psychological rivalry between his childhood intuitive state of humor, and the realistic adulthood of engaging humor professionally…Such a mental dichotomy can induce a cognitive state of unrest, and the disparity between “knowing how funny you were as a child,” and the social ostracism that comes with unleashing that playful naivety, will cascade one into dissonance and despair. The psychological and sociological disparagement of eccentricity in humor is quite salient; ironic indeed, in a room clustered with minds sharing synonymous ideologies.

Simon Gibson, is authentic, because every performance is filled with elements of surprise; maybe he’s a prolific writer or an instinctive savant, but there’s an equilibrium between his consciousness and subconsciousness, awareness and unawareness working simultaneously in the moment to conjure-up comedic art. He exhibits the properties of a magnet, aggregating the room during his performances—refreshing to watch. Read my paper on….. Distinctions Between Instinct and Intuition

Robbie Goodwin, does impersonations, impressions and imitations concurrently, it means he physically orchestrates while mimicking voices quite accurately, and effortlessly. Inside the impersonations, impressions and imitations, they’re loaded with a stream of clever punchlines, while mimicking the voices—if the impersonation, impression and imitation fails, there’s a chained-tandem of humor waiting. Meaning there’s to many layers of factors spinning off his humor for it to “ever fail”—and that’s a tiny snippet of what he does. Evoking irony, sarcasm and other figurative and rhetorical devices in satire and parody is a profound comedic gift of itself.

Vinny Brar’s use of situational and verbal irony; primarily within the context of his physical orchestration and verbal contrast, which seems borderline sarcasm at times, especially when it’s conducive to a subjective target; primarily the audience or preceding performers. Very seldom he explores figurative devices, he leans towards rhetoric, with persuasive impressive effect. All his performance seems synonymous, but when observed closely there’s a myriad of variables centered around his pieces. The added extensions are subsets of a whole theatrical piece; his work is fascinating to say the least. Simply fascinating, indeed! Vinny’s theatrical experience allows him to infuse rhetoric in his satirical pieces effortlessly; by infusing a disparaging form of sarcasm and polite self-deprecating form of irony, “to which the latter sounds oxymoronic,” but it’s not, especially if the despondent irony is evoked with humor effect. His multidimensional persona is in stark contrast to him offstage; however, his lack of visual orchestration parallels his low spirit and loss of hope theatrical performance. Read my paper on……
The Syntax of Irony in Juvenalian Satire

Jamar Neighbors, performs humor effortlessly; a biologically engrained stigma, or it’s ironically a cumbersome craftsmanship of “delusion of grandeur.” The former or latter is an equatable eulogization. However, the genetically-affiliated attributes of the former supersedes in a peculiar way, one that’s not contingent on premeditation, but intuition.

There’s not a single iota of physical or mental exertion during his performances, (with exception to a specific objective “he has in mind”). And his deliveries are in stark contrast to his physical demeanor and lackadaisical verbality. Synonymous to the high-pressure exhaust blasting downward combustion while “blasting” the Rocket upward into the sky.

Two opposing forces harmoniously creates a balanced equation; a peculiar kind of humor deriving from an equilibrium, and although ambiguity in humor is quite pervasive, his humor is contrastingly muddled in be-wilderness and un-anticipation.

A primary example of “Newton’s Third Law of Motion,” a law in physics that has stood the test of time. With exception ofcourse to the quantum world of improbability and ambiguity. Newton’s first law of motion states that the uniform state of an object remains in motion unless disrupted by an external force.

Second law states the relationship between object, mass and acceleration, (F is F = ma). The third law states; for every force in nature there’s an equal opposite reaction. A prime example of the analogical and metaphorical cross-platforming of mutually exclusive disciplines, one that can figuratively stand the test of time.

A concept equivalent to dynamic equilibrium, where a forward reaction is equatable to a reversible reaction, a scenario resulting in no observable systematic change. However, the forward reaction may ensue more quickly than the reverse until an equilibrium is formed. (A Balanced Equation)

Comedians are prowess with the power of observation, seeing the unorthodox, the non-linear of what’s consisting of, or predominantly formed. Primarily the arbitrariness of a coin-flip, comedians know the flip of a coin is not random and generally predicated by the idiosyncrasy of the human-flips. If a projectile shape machine flips a coin to a specific height, at a designated speed, protruding at a specific angle, while taking into consideration the myriad of variables such as: climate, temperature, gravitational forces etc, on a mechanical level the predetermining outcomes can be predicted using mathematical equations.

Even if there’s contrasting results, you can inevitably tweak the machine to create an equilibrium, an over 75% will constitute an accuracy. The coin-flip seems arbitrary in nature, but the real intermittency exist within human fallibility. Our inability to accurately flip a coin consistently, flawlessly and with precision is what predetermines the random outcome, not the actual flipping-of-the-coin itself, but the preceding inception of the flips.
(Comedians Know This)

The underlying logic of nature is quite conspicuous to a comedian, hence their humor tends to arise from a logical observation that’s completely oblivious to the sensationalistic masses, this salient observation is interdisciplinary and applies to the comedians source in which the humor is manifested, whether it’s; a paid occupation, formal education or prolonged training. Hence, a comedians humor may emanate from a myriad of mutually exclusive directions.

This sort of reasoning becomes applicable in a comedians field of study, such as; Physics, Biology, Musicology, Politics, Economics, Sociology and Psychology etc—imagine unraveling a fallacy in electromagnetism or some nonsensical mythical gibberish about something the world engulfs thoughtlessly, a comedian may highlight the debris on stage while bearing the infuriating burden of a truth the majority fails to encompass.

This lingers in comedians psyche indefinitely, hence comedians like “George Carlin” became maliciously unpleasant in his latter years, because he chastised the values society placed on the insignificance, and despised the ignorance of society as a collective group. This sort of frustration induces depression, or the “make me laugh,” idiom, when you utter the words, “I am a comedian.” These insidious notions comedians ponder to themselves and chuckle over the irrationality of societies illogical proposition. You don’t tell a Dentist, “fix my teeth,” when he utters his profession, do you?

Comedian see the state of the world in a sort of distorted reality, but the faculty behind the alignment of logic is uncanny, it’s independent to profession, it’s just a thought process that pervades in whatever predicament that entails the life of a comedian, and this sort of entrainment has repercussions, and consequences can occur both negative and positive. The euphoria of evoking laughter and the despondency of reality, an inevitable dichotomy every comedian encounters eventually.

Humor is intriguing because it attracts, Prostitutes, Drug Dealers, Professors, Customer-Service-Operators, Housewives, Convicted-Felons, Mathematicians and Linguists. The Prostitute may use Double-Entendre Sexual innuendos; Professor enticing the audience with fallacy in science; Customer-Service-Operator expressing contempt over an earlier dialogue on the phone; Housewife conveying Family and Kids turmoil through humorous gestures, and the Linguist exploiting ambiguity in semantics.

Although they come from completely unrelated backgrounds they share a common denominator, a keen and astute power of observation that’s ingrained in their psyche, whether it’s biologically engrained or resulting from environmental factors. Another intriguing phenomenon about comedians is their synergy of unrelated concepts; ubiquitously known as the “juxtaposition of incongruity,” which is the merging of the incompatible.

The creative process of humor is multifaceted, but the underlying nature that governs a comedian thought process—- is the ability to perceive the world in a peculiar way, equivalent to uncovering the Matrix, and getting drafted into Zion, a fictional City in the Matrix. The freed humans in Zion were far more wretched than the humans happily trapped in the Matrix utopia simulation. The irony of amusement and its intrinsic entailment of perception, captivates you into an emotional dichotomy.

The stigma of eccentricity is prevalent in the world of humor, and this derives from being unplugged, and seeing the world objectively, and not subjectively. And although I’ll contend to the idea of depression is entrenched in societies as a collective whole, the stereotype seems affixed on humor because of the stark situational irony; and of-course, the incremental suicides attributed to the label; primarily a streak-tandem of comedians committing suicide or dying from drug overdose, to which is far more conducive to coincidence rather correlation. Comedians are children who never grew up, and that’s a magnificent predicament–simply magnificent!

There’s also intrinsic and extrinsic factors that attract comedians; financial gains, promiscuity, popularity, or the adrenaline-rush of exercising ones masculinity, others genuinely travel on a journey in the pursuit of laughter, somewhat of an addicting euphoria. Personal alteration, developmental changes happens inadvertently on the road to comedic mastery, and nothing induces a fleeting moment of depression faster than a poor performance, one that have you grappling with your credibility as a comedian.

Then there’s the emotional dichotomy all encapsulated in a single 5 to 10 minutes of performance; tonight you’re exhilarating euphoric mental ejaculation of elated satisfaction “when the audience laughs.” Tomorrow night it’s desolation, emotional despair of mental anguish and downcast dejection “when nonone laughs.” The emotional dichotomy is the psychological aspect of humor, and this emotional imbalance is perpetual and can affect a comedian that lacks the mental solidity of perseverance.

This is why I write, compose and arrange music, because it’s therapeutic—it heals the wound of performing, although my primary source of euphoria is the stage. It’s another medium of expression that allows me to see humor from a completely different perspective, and understanding music, sound intonation and versification enhanced my figurative devices usage in humor writing; irony, sarcasm, condescension and other sorts of linguistic expressions that’s contingent on the manipulation of tones. Humor is simply magnificent—!

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