13: Instinct and Intuition


The Contrasting Distinctions

Exploring the open-mic called Setlist

There’s a clear distinction between instinct and intuition, they’re generally used interchangeably and out of context, but they’re mutually exclusive and contrasting in their emotional attributes. The former is predicated on defense mechanisms and the latter is contingent on decisional attributes.

A huge misconception synonymous to metaphor and analogy; verbal irony and verbal sarcasm; pun and double-entendre; lexical and syntactic ambiguity; serendipity and synchronicity; coincidences and situational irony, and other abstract concepts that share a partial common denominator.

“A dynamite cascades amidst a social-circle; the gathering scatters,” “Instinct” which is equatable to survival, defense and instinctive attributes. This goes back to the primordial era and homosapien survival being contingent on “instinct.” Evolutionary Biology (Another Subject)

“A Balloon cascades amidst a social-circle and there’s a lit candle on top,” the gathering is shocked; one person utters to the other, “Well Joe! Happy Birthday,” That’s Intuition.

The idea of “Setlist” is ingenious, because it thrust you in a predicament to reply on your intuition; with obscure, unorthodox juxtaposition of peculiar words. You’re not even afforded the luxury of common generic words, and if you are, they’re usually incongruously compounded.

And I understand why; in preceding performances you obliviously develop pattern recognition and it becomes engrained from everyday generic-phrases, and performers can easily retrofit and appear intuitive. But “muscle-elephant” will rip all preconceived notions out the window.

I’ve ventured to this medium three times and the ambiguity is quite intriguing; I’ve written multiple papers on intuition and other abstract concepts. Visit my site for more info…

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