26: Economic Psychology and Humor Aberration

Economic Psychology and Humor Aberration


Economic psychology is a juxtaposed discipline that governs the underlying mechanisms between human consumption and economic behavior. The myriad of factors influencing a persons conclusion or resolution in consumerism derives from a number of psychological rhetorics. …65% of my income derives from humor; standup is a snippet, a tiny iota of what the general field of humor encapsulates. I’ve gained tremendous financial and marketing leverage performing on quality and mediocre shows. 20% out of the 65% emanates from “standup,” indirectly and inadvertently—-these income are predicated on advertising, marketing and promotion.

The remaining 35% is accumulated from research papers, journalism, news-writing, freelance consultation, education and investments; The Harlem Times Ask A Newyorker – News Blaze Also worked with a number of different angel investors, venture capitalist and private equity firms. Interview with Serial Angel Investor David S. Rose I’ve also learned the power of rhetoric, by interviewing and writing for myriad of tech entrepreneur startups.

There’s an exponential wealth of opportunity in standup—-quite conspicuous yet oblivious to many! The system that governs comedy show producers, or the overall bureaucracy is economically linear, rather than lateral or nonlinearity; the former being formalistic, and the latter being the deviation from a straight conventional order. Something I learned in the stock-market by reading an insane amount of company’s annual reports, financial and proxy statements…

In this paper I explore two schools of thought in the equity market; I’ve excluded the psychology and sociology of investing for another paper I’m writing on “financial analysis, behavioral analysis and predictable patterns.” Fundamental vs Technical Analysis, the former studies the underlying health of a company through earnings report, balance sheet and other indicators; the latter examines the the data in chart patterns, price, volume and the phenomenon behind mass-psychology. WALL ST, Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market

Once you have a comprehensive breakdown of a company’s financial activities; expenditure, revenue, surplus, deficit, risk factors and auditors report annually or preceding fiscal years, you’ll notice a pattern in their economic growth and development. Imperative information, especially in the field (humor) that’s contingent on advertising, marketing, promotion and product branding. Online coupon distributors leverage profits with ad-placement services, or selling advertisement space on their website.

McDonald’s profits derive from real-estate; myriad of companies trading on the Stock-Market have nonlinear revenues, meaning their surplus supersedes their operational cost, while providing goods at a product markdown to eliminate competitors. Their surging profits derive from alternative sources—-subscription services, annual premium memberships, royalties, acquisitions, mergers and consolidations to gain impetus, or the selling of bulk personal data.

Once you understand the primary indicators used to gauge the economic health of a company’s business model, the profitability is metaphorically transferable to humor. Myriad of multinational conglomerate companies trading (primarily) on the NASDAQ, don’t gain any revenue from “product sales. Skewed economical approaches with low markdowns to gain precedence over their adversaries. The bringer-show economics are constricted within a tiny orthodox periscope, but the business ingenuity and innovation is a periphery of such close proximity, that the possibilities are exponential.

The U.S. Census Bureau found that 21 million of the population consist of 14 to 18 teens; 78% or 16.4 million are avid YouTube users; meaning the disparity between specific videos and advertisements are now being curated to facilitate adolescent demographics. A tiny spec in the viewership pool of 1.5 billion monthly traffic, and YouTube is just a subset of Google’s multinational conglomeration. This has profound implications from a business perspective—-a canny marketing strategy is user group collaboration that can accumulate a combined aggregation of 10,000 plus friends; it’s an instantaneous viral causality—–a principle of rudimentary psychology and economics..

Aggregating Facebook groups disparity and consolidating them under one umbrella, targeting specific demographics allows an advertiser and marketer to curate his brand to a specific niche; implementing the equity market strategy on social medium platforms—–There’s two economic causality prevalent in humor, indirect and inadvertent. The former emanates from an underpinning myriad of skill-set to target advertisement and marketing from a different perspective,, and the latter is synchronism or serendipitous, ingenuity deriving from flawed imperfections..

Venice Beach Broadwalk is flustered, congested with artistic ingenuity; ironically, being an economical devoid—-it demystifies the overrated nature of what’s manufactured or refined, and introduces a conspicuous narrative, the nature of product placement through the psychology behind public aggregation. Every facet of a product evolution is a business paramount; however, some areas offset other areas, Invariably!

The History of Linguistics Organic Search Engine Theory (LOSE-T), (SEO), and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)





Introduction To (LOSE-T) Search Query Disambiguation (SQD)
(1) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Derivational & Inflectional Morphology
(2) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Metaphor, Analogy, Metonym
(3) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Polysemy, Capitonym, Monosemy
(4) (SEO), (SERP), Homonym, Homophones, Homograph
(5) (SEO), (SERP), Segmental & Suprasegmental Phonology
(6) (SEO), (SERP), Paronym, Hyponym, Meronym, Hypernym
(7) (SEO), (SERP), Onomatopoeia, Denotation and Connotation
(8) (SEO), (SERP), Heteronym, Heterograph, Orthographic Units
(9) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Cuneiform, Pictographs, Ideographs
(10) (SEO), (SERP), Logographs, Hieroglyphics, Phonographs
(11) (SEO), (SERP), Abbreviations, Acronyms-Hybrids, Initialisms
(12) (SEO) (SERP) Anthropomorphic, Personification, Typography
(13) (SEO), (SERP) Holonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Taxonomy
(14) (SEO), (SERP) Prefix, Suffix, Affix, Infix, Circumfix, Morpheme
(15) (SEO), (LOSE-T) Taxonomic Framework To Encode (NLP)
(16) (SEO), (SERP) Absolute, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives
(17) (SEO), (SERP) Redshift, Doppler, Special & General Relativity
(18) (SEO), Possessive, Demonstrative, Indefinite Adjectives
(19) (SEO), (NLP), Proper Nouns, Common Nouns, Capitonymic
(20) (SEO), (NLP), Modulation, Cadence, Intonation, Inflection
(21) (SEO), (NLP), Terminology, Jargon, Verbosity, Slang/Ebonics
(22) (SEO), (NLP) Phonemes, Graphemes, Morphemes, Digraphs
(23) (SEO), (NLP), Autocomplete, Spelling Correction Predictions
(24) (SEO), (NLP), Algorithmic Paradoxes, Equilibriums, Axioms
(25) (SEO), (NLP), Chromatics, Diatonics, Logarithmics, Octaves
(26) (SEO), (NLP), Anaphora, Cataphora, Antecedent, Postcedent
(27) (SEO), (NLP), Hegelians Dialect; Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

(1) Fundamental vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market
(2) Predicting The Stock Market Using Dispersed Variables..
(3) (SEO), (SMO), (SERP), And Google Algorithms..
(4) ICANN), (gTLD), Domain Registras & Cyber-Squatting..
(5) Domain Names (gTLD), Effect On (SEO), Stock-Market..
(6) 10-K, 10-Q, Annual Reports And Google Revenue..
(7) (ICANN), (UDRP), Domain Trademark And Cybersquatting..
(8) Economic Correlation/Advertisement, Marketing & Commodity!

(1) Three Dimensional Paradoxes In Spatial Schemata
(2) Vibrating Molecules and Elliptical Bubbles
(3) Musical Octaves and Wave-Particle Duality
(4) Smells Velocity Induces Memory Faculty
The Paradox of Light and Sound Induces Synesthesia
(6) The Trichotomy Between Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity
(7) Black Is An Electromagnetic-Radiation (EM) Paradox
(8) Quantum Field Theory, Nash Equilibrium & Social Science
(9) Quantum Electrodynamics, Intramolecular, Intermolecular
(10) The Fibonacci Sequence & Coriolis Effect; Music & Motion

(1) The Emotional Dichotomy in Humor
(2) Neuro-Behavioral Disorder Adaptation
(3) Why Comedians Don’t Laugh At Open Mics
(4) Economic Psychology and Humor Aberration
(5) The Philosophy And Psychology Behind Fozzie Bear Humor
(6) Women Comics! A Sociobiological and Economical Analysis
(7) The Trichotomy Between Instinct, Intuition and Improvisation
(8) Synasthesia, Psychophysics, Linguistics and Humor!

(1) Ecological Factors and Physiological Attributes 
(2) The Psychology of Politics Equatable Rhetorics
(3) Psychophysics, Polyrhythm, Arrangement and Composition
(4) Smells Velocity Induces Memory Faculty
(5) Cognitive Impairment/Weather Conditions/Placebo Effect
(6) The Social Equilibrium of Spirituality vs Superficiality
(7)  Quantum Entanglement, Chameleon Effect and Coincidences
(8) Synthesis Deriving From A Medical Antithesis
(9) The Power of Analogy, A Peculiar Mnemonics
(10) A Metaphor In Physics To Induce Organic Sleep
(11) Karma The Spiritual Undertone In Cause and Effect  
(12) Distinctions Between Verbal Irony and Verbal Sarcasm  
(13) School District Negligence, A Butterfly a Effect Analogy 
(14) Dogs Defecating Alignment With The Earths Magnetic Field  
(15) Fundamental vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market  
(16) A Conglomeration of Political Discrepancy 

The Wave-Medium Dichotomy Between Light and Sound
The Contrasting Distinctions Between Metaphor and Analogy
Thermodynamics and The Industrial Revolution
Analogically Correlating The Third Law of Motion Equilibrium
American History Pervasive With Irony 13th, 14th, 15th Amendment
The Fallibility of Improper Metaphor Congress and Atoms
Sarcasm Phonology, Ambiguity, Semiotics, Semantics etc..
Dramatic, Situational, Verbal, Tragic, Socratic Irony
Apophenia, Pareidolia, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
Synchronicity, Serendipity, Irony, Coincidences
Lexical, Syntactical and Structural Ambiguity
Incongruous Juxtaposition Resolution

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