16: Zombie Apocalypse Theory

Zombie Apocalypse Theory

Uncertainty Principle
Theory of Complementarity


Zombie apocalypse can be metaphorically attributed to biowarfare, toxins with biological origins and neurological disorders that propagates itself through microorganisms causing epidemics. Then metamorphosing into pandemics. I propose a biological equilibrium where antigenic poisons, bacteria, venom or parasite destroys human cells, while replicating them into anti-immune cells.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Bohr’s theory of complementarity in quantum mechanics serve as an analogy we can extract and correlate to such a catastrophic moment in time. The uncertainty principle also known as the principle or inter-determinacy, deals with the ambiguity and unpredictability of a particles position and velocity.

The theory of complementarity, known as the complementarity principle, deals with particle equilibriums; a concept first coined in 1928, by Danish physicist Niels Bohr. Atomic and subatomic particles behaving as both wave and particles, a duality impossible to embrace simultaneously, but the complementarity equilibrium effuses when contrasting theorems are studied separately.

Antigens are any substance that induces your immune system to create antibodies; any foreign substance entering the body from the environment; from severe chemicals to mild bacteria or pollen, it can also be formed internally through tissue cells or toxin. What if the subatomic particles in antigens can clone the immune system to replicate hybrid-antibodies.

Antibodies are produced to identify and eradicate foreign antigens or any bacteria or viruses. The immune system reacts to foreign attacks and reproduces antibodies as a defense mechanism. Here’s the intriguing irony; the body has it’s own antigen molecules known as HLA antigens, a phenomenon the body seldom reacts to and treats as normal.

To hack the immune system the antigen molecules must permeate the body while infusing itself with the bodies normal antigens; creating a molecule camouflage; and the replication and propagation begins oblivious to the immune system’s awareness, the objective is to infiltrate the body as a guest.

This cataclysmic notion can analogically derived from the “uncertainty principle,” where the antigens positions and velocity must be unpredictable and ambiguous to the immune system.
Then ofcourse; “the principle of complementarity,” where the immune system must see the antigens as both normal antigens and foreign antigens.”

A defense vs enemy duality, impossible to differentiate simultaneously, but their dual exclusivity are equal in contradiction. “Here’s where it gets complicated. The molecules in antigens are made up of atoms; protons and neutrons binding to form the nucleus, while spiraling miles away relative to the atoms size is the electron.

Extract normal antigen molecules from the human body and rebuild clones, adding worms or trojan viruses, a metaphor we can extract from computer programming, by manipulating codes to execute a task; except for the subatomic particles in molecules we duplicate to mimic the body’s antigens, adding latent malice attacks.

Beyond the parameters of my insanely contrived biological hypothesis, there’s a number of neurological disorders that induces, or correlates with the potentials of zombies emanating.
A parasite called “toxoplasma gondiiii,” is a parasite that affects warm-blooded animals, thus affecting their behavior.

T-gondii reproduces in animals stomach while surviving the digestive process; contact with the excrement causes infection in other animals. The parasite in rats travel to the brain altering its behavior, inducing an attraction towards “cat’s urine.” The rats intimidated perspective of cats changes impromptuly, causing them to sporadically prance towards their enemy. (suicide mission I propose?)

The zombie correlation arises if such parasites were to infect humans; ironically, the parasite is prevalent in humans, one induced by consuming uncooked meat; which redirects us to my former paragraphs on the cloning and reproducing of foreign vs domestic antigens.

To Be Continued

Extracting metaphor and analogy from computer programming; C#, Java, Visual-Basic, C++ etc...The underlying computational and mathematical codings to rebuild cloned molecules in antigens with key virus signatures

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