6: Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation

The Irony of Improbability

Propagating Metaphor in Physics

Cross-platforming of mutually exclusive domains

Quantum teleportation is the new breakthrough and innovation through subatomic physics, a mind-boggling feat and the introduction to astronomical possibilities. Remember the pervasively used science-fiction idiom in Star Trek, “beam me up Scotty?” The catchphrase idiom that permeated popular cultures, where a fictional transportation machine converts, breaks-down or dilutes animate or organic objects into energy-fields, the energy is then beamed to another location, then reconverted or rematerialized into physical objects.

Well galaxy-hopping and biological transformation is indeed the fictional irony of what was once deemed improbable. A notion deriving from “quantum entanglement,” where the enigma of subatomic particles violates all the constrictions of our natural world. Recently scientist have been able to teleport separate atoms across a few meters and yards using quantum information processing. The spin or polarization of a particle is transferred from one place to another when a quantum-link happens; synchronicity and instantaneous communication occurs regardless of the large distance they spiral apart, a boggling situation Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance.

Quantum Entanglement deals with the relationship between subatomic particles regardless of their distance; when entanglement occurs there’s an underlying law that governs their relationship, meaning particles transfer to its entangled partner regardless of the miles apart. The rudimentary foundation to quantum teleportation, where bits of light have been teleported from one location to another, an instantaneous transfer that violates the speed of light being the fastest energy force.

Tangible objects are subjected to physical laws of motion; however, on a subatomic level these rules are violated, the fragility of quantum particle properties is an intriguing molecular feat, and this phenomenon has been demonstrated over infinitesimally macroscopic level.

Space is Three dimensional; length, width and depth, or latitude, longitude and altitude, or front-back, left-right or up-down. Time is the Fourth dimension; the timeline of the past, presence and future, the measure of duration in space. Confounding as it seems, the phenomenon of quantum entanglement or teleportation violating the constrictions of our spatial dimensions requires a separate discourse.

This paper is linguistic based and specifically centered around the applicable nature of non-literal or figurative devices; primarily metaphors, analogy and other concepts that’s conducive to finding commonalities between two different forms of existence. I’ve written on Logical, Propagating, Arbitrary and Obscure Metaphors, and this phenomenon encapsulates Propagating Metaphors!

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