1: Mutual Exclusivity


  The Correlation Between
Verbal Irony & Verbal Sarcasm

I consider condescending sarcasm to be the lowest form of wit, because the humor is contingent on the disparagement of a victim; it is not self-reliant humor. Now; taking to consideration the social settings ability to encapsulate the non-literal aspect of linguistic/language, is contingent on a high level of wit. Thats the irony.

Verbal Irony and Verbal Sarcasm are often used interchangeably but out of context, and there’s a clear distinction between both figurative devices, they’re mutually exclusive. Verbal irony is when a statement is made but you mean the contrast in an innocuous way; whereas verbal sarcasm is a little more disparaging.

Primary example; A family is about to go Camping but there’s a Thunderstorm, the father looks out the window and utters, “now thats a beautiful day to go out,” Verbal irony is more objective and less subjective, it’s an emphasis on things external to ourselves.

Verbal sarcasm is far more subjectively disparaging. Primary example; a homeless man walks into a Coffee-Shop and a customer utters, “well something smells good,” Thats verbal sarcasm, because the humor is contingent on the disparagement of a victim, it’s not an objective form of device; ironically verbal sarcasm can be used objectively in an indirect attempt to subjectively disparage a victim.

Primary example; Homeless guy enters the Coffee-Shop and a customer utters to the Manager, “Wow! your Coffee-Shop smells so good,” It’s an indirect way to evoke verbal sarcasm, using objectivity to contrive subjectivity.

The reason why they’re usually used interchangeably and out of context is because they’re both contingent on the contrast of interpretations, hence the confusion derives; but the contrast is not within the interpretations themselves, but within the distinctions between both interpretations.

Both contrasting interpretations are mutually exclusive; think about it. Both devices have contrasting meanings and the meanings are opposite from each other; verbal irony ‘innocuous,” and verbal sarcasm “disparaging.” 

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
On Tuesday February 4th around 9.30pm 2014
Location: Subway Train Home

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