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Google and Facebook Sharing Information

Here’s something interesting to ponder on; i’m an investor, i invest in long-term and short-term investments, primarily the Stock-Market…I’ve never written any paper on investing with exception to this paper written almost a year ago.
Fundamental vs Technical Analysis In The Stock Market.

Interestingly enough, two weeks ago i signed a four-day contractual agreement with a private-equity-firm to do a bunch of projects centered around Business & Economics. Primarily; Angel Investing, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Crowd-Funding. In the process– i inadvertently became acquainted with a number of startup companies and entrepreneurs–fate it seems, to be fluttered in a pool of innovation and ingenuity–

Outside the parameters of writing, some of my objectives were centered around aggregating their business-model disparity, a “think-tank” inadvertently.” A number of these startups privately hired me to write their “about” page and other miscellaneous involvements; also multinational financial corporations and global investment firms like Fidelity and Blackrock were a major part of my research.

Facebook is a social-medium i frequent regularly for advertising and marketing purposes; i’ll write a paper and use these mediums to increase traffic to my website, or the news-sites i’ve collaborated with. During these projects i purposely logged out my social-networks, because these transient distractions do interrupt a writers focus, especially when projects are centered around a time constriction. Nevertheless, Google was my primary source for cross-referencing information and finding discrepancies between facts, statistics and the data provided by a firm.

I Logged into Facebook and my wall was flooded with; “fundersclub,” “etrade,” “penny-stock,” “mutual and hedge funds,” and other investment advertisements. I’ve written over 10 unpublished papers and they’re stored in my “draft-folder” etc– However, Google-search-engine is the primary medium i frequented for those few days. Clearly i’m not oblivious to this notion. I was cyber-squatting in the late 20th century during the boom before the stock-market plummeted.

I social-engineered years before Kevin Mitnick notoriously gained media prominence, and i’ve written numerous codes in Visual Basic and C+ during the Yahoo-Chatroom days; “mediocre accreditation.”lol—- During the late 90s era the search-engines that pervaded the airwaves were; Hotbot, AskJeeves, Alltheweb, Lycos, Webcrawler, Infoseek and Altavista, and although Google’s dominance reined subsequently, “Goggle,” inadvertently gained millions of monthly traffic due to typo-error, “typing mistakes.” So i’ve used these websites in their embryonic stages and see them grow to fruition…….

Here’s a interesting article—-
Your Google Searches May Help Decide Your Facebook Ads

I’m just sharing this to raise awareness, no electromagnetism, chromatic-scales, quantum entanglement, gravity or linguistic-gymnastics today–:) Here’s one of my magnificent arrangements; Journey – Don’t Stop Believin–where i incorporate baseline, melody, harmony and percussion simultaneously. Polyrhythm meets syncopation, i’ve encapsulated every facet of this song— Chuckle!

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