8: Metaphor in Ornithology and Psychotherapy

Metaphor in Ornithology and Psychotherapy

Animal and Human Behavior


I’ve never had an interest in ornithology, (scientific study of birds), until i experienced a peculiar inadvertent scenario in Griffith Park (LA). This Bird would land on my exterior-rear-view mirror of my SUV, and continuously pluck-pick away at the reflective surface of the mirror as if he was inducted into a real battle. This session occurred daily in subset increments; (until human interruption of course); the bird eventually developed a pattern recognition, and our evening oddity became a stringent everyday routine.

I documented all the details and derived to a few scientific conclusions; we can “Interpret this as a metaphor,” to which my idea of “arbitrary metaphor” emanated—but most IMPORTANTLY, i learned something interesting in the field of ethology, comparative psychology, and ornithology—-and that is the clear distinction between the Birds conscious-self-awareness, and intelligence becomes measurable.

His logic and reasoning becomes quite salient— and the colloquial “bird-brain” metaphor used to define inferior intellect does have a tint of merits; what’s immeasurable however, is the interpretation—–ironically; meaning, (exception to the rule, and a far-fetch notion)— the Bird is consciously aware of human invention and finds the innovation intriguing—-and embraces the reflective surface as another one of natures toy! To disregard such a notion would be the paradox between naivety and scientific observation!

I recently read a paper on the contemporary usage of metaphors in psychotherapy I found intriguing; paper here—– The Contemporary Use of Metaphor in Psychotherapy; written in 1988, by a prominent Ph.D Professor, published by an accredited institution; and metaphors were the primary source of therapeutic technique psychoanalysts used to induce patients—- basically, therapist use the linguistic structure of metaphors and its conceptual mappings between different domains to communicate with patients through hypnosis, causing dramatic changes in their attitudes and behavior.

Words can be deduced etymologically to the origin of phonemes, the historical production of sound units in communication; and although there’s a high level of arbitrariness resulting from its connotative evolution, the interlacing law of language is grounded in a form of conceptual structuralism; especially when unrelated domains are paralleled….

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