Laws of Physics Conducive To Anomalies

Peculiar Anomalies in Nature

The Irony of Improbability

The Altitude Dimensional Alignment

Water-Drop, Housefly, The Man, Fire-Hydrant, Street-Arrow

Space is Three dimensional; length, width and depth, or latitude, longitude and altitude, or front-back, left-right or up-down. Time is the Fourth dimension; the timeline of the past, present and future, or the measurement of duration in space. Space and time are part of a single physical entity, equivalent to sitting in the park while the minutes on your watch ticks away. The duration of time propagates in space as part of the Space-Time Continuum. The relationship between space and time are inextricable, because you cannot move through space without the duration of time.

Coincidences derive when there’s a correlation between mutually exclusive scenarios, events or circumstances; we attribute a causal connection to these concurrent circumstances because of the synchronistic nature, when in essence, the improbability of it occurring is an inevitable anomaly. Kinda like a situational irony, where there’s a contrast of whats expected or anticipated, a somewhat reversed synchronicity that’s favorable to the idea of cause and effect.

“The perfect coincidence” is the idiom staple attributed to the perfection of simultaneity, invariably all coincidences can be dissected into layers of intricacies when personal biases are involved. I’m going to illustrate the quintessential of improbability and its layers of undeniable perfection, and in highlighting the quality of such unlikelihood, it’ll offset whats ubiquitously perceived as a narrative in life.

All objects regardless of the mass and weight accelerate downwards at the same rate, when objects fall they accelerate at 9.8 meters per second, due to gravity or the gravitational field strength of the earth. However; the reason a leaf may swirl downwards in a glide-like manner is because of air-resistance, with a lack of collision with air molecules, a change in velocity would ensue causing objects to accelerate at the same rate, under the sole influence of gravity. (water-drop)

The ecological comradery between objects and forces interacting in complex ways are bounded by the dimensions of space-time continuum. And although these synchronous moments tend to be arbitrary, we allow these hidden influences to validate our superstitions, and we attribute it to an external divine intervention. Regardless, the inferences below derived from empirical experiences, and should be treated as nothing more than a random circumstance of improbabilities, because the laws of physics are conducive to anomalies.


The fly emerges from behind the building across the street, and the whole phenomenon takes place in the first 0.03 to 0.05 seconds; but the anomaly itself occurred a tenth of a second, On the 0.05 mark. Enjoy!

Eliptical Orbit: Houseflies are the most widely dispersed insects across the world, they account for over 75% of human habitations, at top speed they fly around 4.5mph, and ofcourse, wind-factor and other spatial elements may harbor its momentum and velocity in the air. The man paced by approximately 5.6mph; the distant disparity between all three elements is another consideration to ponder on, although irrelevant.

Elliptical Orbit Counterclockwise: The fly emerges from behind the building across the street, spiraling downwards in a counterclockwise elliptical orbit through spatial dimensions, equivalent to the rotation of celestial objects in our solar system. The fly angular momentum correlates with planetary orbits and solar systems revolutions. Maybe it’s a coincidence, a gravitational force, the earths magnetic field, or an external force navigating the flies system. After all, when a dog defecates it aligns itself to the north-south axis of the earths magnetic field.

Horizontal Acceleration: The flies horizontal acceleration is in a biological projectile motion, a fleeting moment we can analogically correlate to a plane take-off. Projectile Motion: is the propelling of an object near the earths surface! making an elliptical-curved orbit under the force of gravity only, one that cascades objects in a downward acceleration. Ironically, this instance is the biological contrast.
Momentum and Velocity: The horizontal acceleration increases into momentum, the resistance to stop! and considering the flies infinitesimal mass, its velocity increases at 4.5mph, conducing its speed and distance.

Vertical Airborne: The fly accelerates into a momentum and surges upwards in a vertical airborne. Perpendicular Spiral: Kinda like the earth rotating in a non-perpendicular axis; but this is more like the perpendicular orbit of a plane surging into higher altitudes.

Dimensional Alignment: Dimensional alignment from an altitude perspective is the vertical alignment between disparate objects, animate or inanimate, organic or inorganic. The circumstances of mutually exclusive elements colliding, and the probability of this event occurring is (1 in a billionth) of a chance, but it happened. Newton’s third law of motion states; every force or action is contingent on an equal reactive or contrasting force, meaning the prevalence of probabilities does not preclude improbabilities.

The Laws of Improbability: Newtons Third Law of motion deals with the equilibrium of opposing forces balancing the equation. “For every force or action there’s an equal reactive force,” meaning we all embrace probabilities objectively and with a sense of unanimity, because of its linear nature. However, non-linear improbabilities are inherently questionable because it violates the cause and effect mechanism, and when that violation occurs we attribute intrinsic values to whats deemed to be invaluable. Invariably it’s a peculiar anomaly in nature that most of us are oblivious to. It occurs billions of times a day.

Fly Permeates Water-Drop: This was shot on the iPad 2, using 30 fps (Frames Per Second), meaning the fly splitting of the water-drop occurred under a 10th of a second, but you can see it protrude the water, splitting it in half. Now what are the probabilities of such high level of complexity and perfection in whats deemed to be chaotic circumstances. Proponents love the perfect coincidence Idiom, well here’s one and it’s occurring in chaos.

The Laws of Physics are Conducive To Anomalies: Clearly the laws of chaos offsets the idea of narratives, although the latter has a sensationalistic appeal. I remember the dialogue between The Architect and Neo in the Matrix sequel; in the latter part of the discourse there’s a tiny philosophical snippet where the Architect utters to Neo in a low monotone voice, “Hope! The quintessential of human delusion, simultaneously being our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.” So what does all this mean? Can we exclude the narratives of life out of the equation and engage in what appears to be chaotic? Hm..!

Scientist, Physicist, Mathematicians, Engineers and many of our brilliant predecessors have used metaphors and analogies as a problem solving tool; such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Neil’s Bohr, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Max Planck, Johannes Kepler, Fredrick Nietzsche, Pythagoras etc….Using metaphors, analogies or any form of medium that allows the parallel between mutually exclusive domains to find a commonality, can be extracted from both chaos and narratives of life. The intrinsic value of narratives holds no merits, neither the chaos of random events. How they can be used objectively is what’s really significant!

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