Genius The Euphemism For Diligence

Genius The Euphemism For Diligence

The Disparity Between Brilliance and Diligence

Never a dull moment passes without being bombarded with such misconstrued labels; such as Genius, Brilliant, Eccentric or some peculiar condition that enhances my intellectual capacity. It’s a flattering discomfort to say the least, and I feel like a disingenuous charlatan, because that’s not my objective. If there’s an iota of truth to it, why is countless hours of work mandatory?

Understanding Gravity, Space-Time Continuum, Time Dilation, Special and General Relativity is not contingent on brilliance, but rather diligence and the capacity to learn. Being infatuated with abstract concepts or non-materialistic ideas are not conducive to exceptional wits, higher IQ or peculiar mental faculty; it derives from a vivid imagination, insatiable curiosity, and strong perseverance.

A man is a victim of his own discretion, the constriction he imposes on himself is an illusion, a delusion he embraces empathically. Ofcourse, there are exceptions to every rule, but diligence offsetting a biological ingrained or genetically affiliated advantage is often neglected. It’s a peculiar human conditioning, one that soothes to the unfavorable circumstances or condition that reduces their chance of success.

Sometimes I wonder if humans attribute these labels to deviate from an objective truth, that their capabilities are equivalent to their counterparts, and mustering up to such a notion is discomforting, because the overall interpretation is now shifted to their lackadaisical desires and aspirations. A crumbling notion that would shatter a brittle ego.

Confounding as it seems, embracing an excuse for your failure with conviction does not preclude your abilities, it only constricts your potential; a detrimental self-sabotage in the core delusion of grandeur. Never in the history of human existence has the largest database of information on the planet been so available to man.

An impartial platform with innumerable inventory to satisfy your intrinsic desires. However; the penchant to fuel ones curiosity might be inherent, nurtured or diligence, a perpetual debate that precedes forever, an irrelevance that pervades and foreshadows whats truly significant, and that is the power of diligence.

In the virtual highway your choice of leisure is your personal prerogative; whether it’s social-mediums, dating-platforms, FarmVille-games, sensationalistic news or celebrity gossips. I’m not highlighting this in condescension, because the irony of inventors and the reward for innovation is contingent on consumerism. An equilibrium predicated on shared acquisition by both parties.

Inversely, the avid, avaricious or voracious reader, researcher or innovator immersing themselves in ideas that could profoundly impact human advancement are often oblivious, and the hallmark of his accolades after years of cumbersome works is often discredited with conditions or circumstances that favorably places him in a superior position; not based on work but a peculiar offspring, hereditary or mental condition. Diligence is the least central point of discourse.

In the movie “Limitless,” actor Bradley Cooper transforms into an intellectual polymath after ingesting a quick-witted designer pharmaceutical drug that boost 100% of his brain-power. And based on Newton’s Law of Motion, an opposing force will invariably occur, unless there’s an equilibrium to balance that duality. The experience is a fleeting moment that eventually withers.

The tools required for achievements are not inaccessible, because diligence is a state of devotion. We’re primates sailing on the edge of nowhere in the cosmos, and the enigma of the universe and the ambiguity of nature is fascinating. Geniuses do exist, indeed; however, ones distinctive prowess may also emanate from his diligence, and that’s the greatest pill, because you truly become limitless..!

I’m publishing Three books in 2016
1: Aggregating The Figurative Aspect of Linguistic Disparity
2: The Pervasiveness of Ambiguity in Semantics
3: The Cross-Platforming Between Mutually Exclusive Domains

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