27: Juxtaposition of Incongruity


Juxtaposition of Incongruity

 Resolving The Ambiguity of Incongruity

Incongruity, juxtaposition, paradoxes, ambiguities, dichotomies and all other abstract linguistic indecisive vague lexicons has always been a pivoting continuity of interpretations beyond its denotational fundamental meanings.

Finding abstract formulas for lexicon indecisiveness, ambiguities and paradoxes is ironically linguistically counterproductive to their denotational semantical meanings.  Abstract and concrete indecisive terms have resolutions beyond the parameters of their initial denotative state,  and such disparities are subjectively inconclusive, but explorative from an objective standpoint.

Dichotomous disparities is the contradicting opposition cascading into mutual exclusiveness, such polarization seems distantly related in a state of incongruity, and merging incongruous juxtaposition takes a leap of dichotomic aggregation.

Both separate concepts whether concrete or abstract must to be dissected subjectively into all of their denotational extractive arrays, and there’s an astronomical myriads of extractive probabilistic possibilities I can aggregate into multiple subsets.

  The First Methodological Approach

Abstract Conjunction
Colliding contrast is the first obvious juxtaposition, a sporadic abstract meshing of both polarity in a chaotic state of unconventionality; conceptual, perceptual and concrete conjunction is a vague process because it’s not a theoretically driven process.

Primary Abstract Conjunction
During abstract conjunction, in incongruous juxtaposition, the sporadic mental obliteration protrudes a primary singularity, and the primary concept supersedes leaving the secondary abstract conjunction as the default concept. 

What Determines The Primary Abstract Conjunction
Primary abstract conjunction is subjectively perceptual and conceptual based, it’s not theoretically objective in its abstract nature, this predetermined ambiguity is mentally ambivalent from the creators perspective. I strongly believe primary and secondary can reverse themselves equally depending on the individual’s preferential notions.

Secondary Abstract Conjunction
The secondary abstract conjunction is the lesser of both concepts, ironically they’re equally and substantially equivalent in their juxtaposed conceptual state, However the primary abstract conjunction circumvents the secondary conjunction as an intuitive creative mediator in the polarized collaboration.

What Determines The Primary Abstract Conjunction
Secondary abstract conjunction is primarily the same as primary being the lesser of both creative evils.

Reverse Abstract Conjunction
Conceptual disparity is the subjective approach from a reverse primary and secondary abstract conjunction perspective, a self explanatory process in that the primary conjunction that supersedes the secondary conjunction can simply be reversed conceptually, simply because of the established juxtaposition. This methodological innovation is only feasible when then primary initiative is established. 

Abstract Conjunction Trichotomic Intervention
Abstract conjunction trichotomic intervention is a paradoxical dichotomic conjunction, meaning that you juxtapose both abstract concepts into a singularity regardless of their comraderic or conflictive oneness, then you dichotomize it into a singularity totaling and overall trichotomy..

The Abstract Methodological Juxtaposition Antidote
Lets explore the rudimentary foundation of how incongruous juxtapositions are merged from a dichotomic incongruity to a congruence singularity.
The process is called ‘Abstract Oblivious Dissection’ the subjective extraction of each concept into a synonymic cascade of commonalities. During this oblivious process an oblivious conjectured juxtaposition happens.
Hence the reasons some incongruous juxtapositions happens at the spur of the moment and seems effortlessly done, while others require a cumbersome manual approach.

Examples Below
Driving                        Ketchup
Highway                           Mustard
Car                                 Mayonnaise
Vehicle                             Chicken
Nervous                              Eat
Police                               Hungry
Arrested                             Fries
Nervous                             KFC
Chicken                              Salt
Pulled Over                        Pepper
DUI                                    Lunch
DWI                                  Dinner

The fundamental building block of abstract cerebral comedic absurdity.

1225: I was driving down the highway and I saw a Bottle of Ketchup on the side of the road, I wanted to get out the car and take the Ketchup but I was scared, real scared, now I know why I wanted the Ketchup, I was being a Chicken.

Avoiding Lexical and Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution
The objective of incongruous juxtaposition is to avoid lexical and syntactic ambiguity, and focus more on aggregating observational disparity, now this can rely heavily on the non literal aspect of linguistics, hence the reason language plays an extremely major role in the fundamental construction of humor.

 The Second Methodological Approach

Object Cascadation is the perpetual breakdown of a both objects into a form of synonymic continuity, in the hopes of sporadically conjuring up a spontaneous commonality between the both initial incongruence.
Abstract Conjunction is the initiation stages of Object Cascadation, in the above examples you’ll see the synonymic breakdown of both objects.
What I’d like to explore specifically in Object Cascadation is the Descriptive and Prescriptive


Perceptual Objectivity
Conceptual Subjectivity

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