4: Thermodynamic Equilibrium

Thermodynamic Equilibrium

Thermodynamic & The Law of Motion

Tonight I was bored in “Santa Monica Beach,” and while on the pier I observed the crystal green water gushing ashore, splashing into the row of post surrounding the pier; and the reciprocation is Newtons Third Law of Motion,” every force is contingent on and equal reactive force. However, this particular scenario caused an equilibrium, to which I’ll explore further.

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics that deals with energy, heat, systems, and the transformation of energy into other forms of energy. Thermodynamic equilibrium ensues when two opposing forces creates a state of balance, opposing equations or an unbalanced system levels out its potentials.

A body of material, energy or any form of organic or inorganic property that propagates itself from a non-equilibrium or in-homogeneity state, that arbitrarily or spontaneously develops into an intrinsic state of duality, and as both system of energy permeates each other they cause a thermodynamic equilibrium.

Let’s precede back to the initial spawn of events that predicates this entire comradery; wind soothes over the ocean surface propelling the water through frictional forces, the wind speed builds up energy in the waves.

The speed and distance at which the wind blows determines the wave height and speed. The energy in the wave travels through the water giving the illusion that the waters moving. When in essence, it’s energy predicating the oceanic’s composition.

Energy gushing through the crystal-clear water into the piers structure colliding with debris and scattered fragments of muddy-soil substance; while the same level of force punches back towards the ocean, “Newton’s Third Law of Motion,” and both contrasting substances evens itself out creating a thermodynamic equilibrium.

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