Pseudo-Scientific Castration of Analogies

Pseudo-Scientific Castration of Analogies

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases.

Deepak Chopra, one of the prominent hallmarks of vaguely inexplicable pseudoscientific gibberish; conversely enough, a sensationalistic appeal, giving rapport to the masses lauded appeal to an external divine intervention, one riveted on emotions and not evidence.

Trailing the evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases, tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to emotional desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable to nothing more than prejudice of ideology.

There’s nothing esoteric or arcane about “The Law Of Attraction,” it’s inextricable interlacing with quantum mechanics is a forced juxtaposition; hence the reason there’s an opinionated dichotomy in terms of their interpretations, discrepancies only derive because it’s the subordination of quantum mechanics. And Ofcourse the perpetual abuse of semantics; “The Secret,” “The Universe,” etc………

Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychologist promulgated synchronicity and tangled its analogical attributes with quantum mechanics; it’s enigmatic notion begs much bigger question; questions that usually fade into oblivion simply because the proponents of such ideologies are comfortable with their already established preconceived notions; external-divine-interventions, oracles, predestinations, purpose, fairies and ghost.

Excluding the arbitrariness of existence is quite comforting, an appeal that holds quite a brevity of luxury. There’s no scientific correlation between quantum mechanics and the law of attraction, other than it’s analogical implications, which is finding commonality between two different forms of existence.

One similar to the application of metaphors, similes and other forms of aesthetic devices. A syndrome synonymous to astrologist extracting astronomical analogies of the movement of the solar-system and celestial bodies, and correlating these attributes to human behavior and experience.

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