5: Dimensional Analysis in Abstract Symmetry

Dimensional Analysis in Abstract Symmetry

The Lucid State of Problem Solving

The vaguely inexplicable notion of the subconscious is an enigma trying to postulate; however, I will posit an indirect empiricism that’s conducive to the quandary of such altered state. Lucid dreaming is attributed to self-awareness during the dream-state, being consciously aware of your neurological simulation and sometimes participating in what appears to be real; ironically a generated fiction.

The fascinating conundrum is the mind appears to seamlessly segregate mutually exclusive elements and combine problems; regardless of the profound incongruity. Resolving problems, solving complexed scenarios and correlating commonalities between two different forms of existence. I’ll posit an inferential conclusion that erodes the neurological simulation that appears to be a conglomeration of preceding daily activities, and plow into something far more intrinsic.

As explicitly stated; I’ll share two successive experiences; the unpredictability of subatomic particles, and dimensional analysis in symmetry; such as “snowflakes. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle relates to how particles reactions are contingent on the observer or act of measurement.

Around 2:30 am I fell into a subconscious state of awareness and saw an unprecedented neurological simulation; a protagonist and antagonist collaborates for a greater objective causing an equilibrium. “I was the protagonist, and I’ve been there before, “Lucid-Deja Vu?”

The idea of particles on a quantum mechanic molecular level being in multiple places at once seems phenomenal, but it only solidifies my fictional state to be one of deep rumination. Organically existing in a myriad of possibilities requires another discourse.

Around midday I entrenched my thoughts into the radius, diameter and circumference of arbitrary symmetries; “Dimensional Analysis in Abstract Symmetry,” is the term I coined. During my inadvertent lucid-dreaming state today, I vividly correlated the physical orchestration in personalities to the discreet bilateral rotational symmetry of snowflakes.

Meaning; intuitive reactions rotate on an imaginary axis; “oblivious to the observer,” one synonymous to the earth rotating on a non-perpendicular axis facing polaris. Quite a far-fetch notion to conceptualize indeed; measuring groups of gestures that share a common comradery; a concept emanating from the lucid state.

Deep within the brains cerebrum, frontal lobe, sensory cortex, amygdala or hippocampus, a hierarchical system of intrinsic problem solving ability lies. I’m not a neuroscientist, neurophysiologist or neuropsychologist, it’s not my forte.

However, when biological organic propagations and inanimate processes in physics, becomes the cross-platforming of mutually exclusive domains in the lucid-state; the firing of neurons between synapsis becomes my part-time infatuation.

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