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I currently govern 149 Facebook Groups; 20% through acquisitions, consolidations and mergers; 10% through admin negligence or account termination, and the rest through organic growth. Groups are continuously in an embryonic stage because it’s members upgrowth is innumerable, and these interactive community aggregated under shared commonality can ignite a niche in the social media ecosystem.

There’s many technical areas on Facebook to explore, but we’ll just cover the basics in terms of—-how groups, pages, walls, interest, and other subset, subordinated, or deemed insignificant aspect of social media that a user can capitalize on effectively and productively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the organic process of garnering results and Indexing higher up the search engine result page. Search queries are done using crawlers and spiders, programs that browse the Internet to index data. Search Engine Result Page (SERP), on the other hand displays the search engine query the SEO collects.

Social Media Optimization (SMO), is a more holistic approach to content optimization, because the social factors involved are many subsets being contingent on a whole. I’ll extend examples. Facebook incorporates pages, groups, events, interest, app, developers, games and other features that’s qualitatively effective as a whole, and not as a singular entity..

As the advertising and marketing methods are shifting more towards social media, groups and pages provide platforms for quality content contribution; although, the former induce likes, and the latter solicits notification, activity and rapport. There’s a myriad of key areas in groups and pages that can be beneficial for product placement and business transparency; obscure locations such as description, visual cover and the pinned post feature are all Facebook group options with marketing potentials.

Optimizing sources that correlates with the information niche redirects users to your website through backlinks/inbound. Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), provides points to increase your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to organically index higher in the search result. Unfortunately, it’s an exploited SEO technique black-hat hackers capitalize on.

The real question is whether Facebook subset features are factored into Google search algorithm to boost ranking. Regardless if the “nofollow” HTML values are factored into debar search engines from influencing hyperlinks from ranking in the index, they’re beneficial for advertisement, trafficking and overall visibility.

Hashtag, the preceding pound sign before words to identify and curate messages of the same subject; a metadata tag gaining its prevalence on Twitter and permeating over social media platforms—-microblogging and emphasizing brevity in advertising and marketing is another method to redirect users back to your page, website or affiliated products.

Google conglomerates over 200 ranking factors in their algorithms, and there’s many predications that determine your search result ranks; backlinks, outbound, external and internal links, title, tags, keywords, content length, page loading speed, affiliated links and a myriad of other influences. A Google algorithm upgrade can demote a websites keyword ranking and virtually lose instantaneous visibility.

Social media platforms are not infallible; Facebook design upgrades could have a trickle down effect towards businesses that customized their fan pages to specifications; change that forces businesses to revamp and remodel their platform to align with new modifications. Nevertheless, quality content and relevance supersedes keywords, post solicitations, meta description and user incentives.

There’s also the lucrative potentials of optimization, and the parallel relationship between Adwords, where advertisers sells goods and services, and Adsense, where publishers seeking to capitalize on ad placements on their website. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is partially equivalent to Search Engine Opttmization (SEO), but in the inorganic sense, where businesses bid to direct traffic to their website with a pay-per-click fee. Whether a product is sold or not. There’s also different kinds of PPC, searched and display; the former appear through Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and the latter appear in the content relating to search query!

The History of Linguistics Organic Search Engine Theory (LOSE-T), (SEO), and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)





Introduction To (LOSE-T) Search Query Disambiguation (SQD)
(1) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Derivational & Inflectional Morphology
(2) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Metaphor, Analogy, Metonym
(3) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Polysemy, Capitonym, Monosemy
(4) (SEO), (SERP), Homonym, Homophones, Homograph
(5) (SEO), (SERP), Segmental & Suprasegmental Phonology
(6) (SEO), (SERP), Paronym, Hyponym, Meronym, Hypernym
(7) (SEO), (SERP), Onomatopoeia, Denotation and Connotation
(8) (SEO), (SERP), Heteronym, Heterograph, Orthographic Units
(9) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Cuneiform, Pictographs, Ideographs
(10) (SEO), (SERP), Logographs, Hieroglyphics, Phonographs
(11) (SEO), (SERP), Abbreviations, Acronyms-Hybrids, Initialisms
(12) (SEO) (SERP) Anthropomorphic, Personification, Typography
(13) (SEO), (SERP) Holonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Taxonomy
(14) (SEO), (SERP) Prefix, Suffix, Affix, Infix, Circumfix, Morpheme
(15) (SEO), (LOSE-T) Taxonomic Framework To Encode (NLP)
(16) (SEO), (SERP) Absolute, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives
(17) (SEO), (SERP) Redshift, Doppler, Special & General Relativity
(18) (SEO), Possessive, Demonstrative, Indefinite Adjectives
(19) (SEO), (NLP), Proper Nouns, Common Nouns, Capitonymic
(20) (SEO), (NLP), Modulation, Cadence, Intonation, Inflection
(21) (SEO), (NLP), Terminology, Jargon, Verbosity, Slang/Ebonics
(22) (SEO), (NLP) Phonemes, Graphemes, Morphemes, Digraphs
(23) (SEO), (NLP), Autocomplete, Spelling Correction Predictions
(24) (SEO), (NLP), Algorithmic Paradoxes, Equilibriums, Axioms
(25) (SEO), (NLP), Chromatics, Diatonics, Logarithmics, Octaves
(26) (SEO), (NLP), Anaphora, Cataphora, Antecedent, Postcedent
(27) (SEO), (NLP), Hegelians Dialect; Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

(1) Fundamental vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market
(2) Predicting The Stock Market Using Dispersed Variables..
(3) (SEO), (SMO), (SERP), And Google Algorithms..
(4) ICANN), (gTLD), Domain Registras & Cyber-Squatting..
(5) Domain Names (gTLD), Effect On (SEO), Stock-Market..
(6) 10-K, 10-Q, Annual Reports And Google Revenue..
(7) (ICANN), (UDRP), Domain Trademark And Cybersquatting..
(8) Economic Correlation/Advertisement, Marketing & Commodity!

(1) Three Dimensional Paradoxes In Spatial Schemata
(2) Vibrating Molecules and Elliptical Bubbles
(3) Musical Octaves and Wave-Particle Duality
(4) Smells Velocity Induces Memory Faculty
The Paradox of Light and Sound Induces Synesthesia
(6) The Trichotomy Between Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity
(7) Black Is An Electromagnetic-Radiation (EM) Paradox
(8) Quantum Field Theory, Nash Equilibrium & Social Science
(9) Quantum Electrodynamics, Intramolecular, Intermolecular
(10) The Fibonacci Sequence & Coriolis Effect; Music & Motion

(1) The Emotional Dichotomy in Humor
(2) Neuro-Behavioral Disorder Adaptation
(3) Why Comedians Don’t Laugh At Open Mics
(4) Economic Psychology and Humor Aberration
(5) The Philosophy And Psychology Behind Fozzie Bear Humor
(6) Women Comics! A Sociobiological and Economical Analysis
(7) The Trichotomy Between Instinct, Intuition and Improvisation
(8) Synasthesia, Psychophysics, Linguistics and Humor!

The Wave-Medium Dichotomy Between Light and Sound
The Contrasting Distinctions Between Metaphor and Analogy
Thermodynamics and The Industrial Revolution
Analogically Correlating The Third Law of Motion Equilibrium
American History Pervasive With Irony 13th, 14th, 15th Amendment
The Fallibility of Improper Metaphor Congress and Atoms
Sarcasm Phonology, Ambiguity, Semiotics, Semantics etc..
Dramatic, Situational, Verbal, Tragic, Socratic Irony
Apophenia, Pareidolia, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
Synchronicity, Serendipity, Irony, Coincidences
Lexical, Syntactical and Structural Ambiguity
Incongruous Juxtaposition Resolution

(1) Ecological Factors and Physiological Attributes 
(2) The Psychology of Politics Equatable Rhetorics
(3) Psychophysics, Polyrhythm, Arrangement and Composition
(4) Smells Velocity Induces Memory Faculty
(5) Cognitive Impairment/Weather Conditions/Placebo Effect
(6) The Social Equilibrium of Spirituality vs Superficiality
(7)  Quantum Entanglement, Chameleon Effect and Coincidences
(8) Synthesis Deriving From A Medical Antithesis
(9) The Power of Analogy, A Peculiar Mnemonics
(10) A Metaphor In Physics To Induce Organic Sleep
(11) Karma The Spiritual Undertone In Cause and Effect  
(12) Distinctions Between Verbal Irony and Verbal Sarcasm  
(13) School District Negligence, A Butterfly a Effect Analogy 
(14) Dogs Defecating Alignment With The Earths Magnetic Field  
(15) Fundamental vs Technical Analysis in The Stock-Market  
(16) A Conglomeration of Political Discrepancy 

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