8: Synesthesia and Psychophysics

Synesthesia, Psychophysics, Linguistics, and The Flavor Humor

Synesthesia, Analogy, Metaphor and Mnemonics!

The etymological definition of synesthesia derives from the Greek term “syn,” means combination or together, and “aesthesis” defines perception, sensation and stimulation. And, psychophysics is a branch of psychology that explores the correlation between perceptions and sensations evoked by physical stimuli. Synesthesia approaches the cross-modal associations from two scientific perspectives, the neurological, physiological and psychological basis, and the linguistic perspective, primarily analogy, metaphors, metonymy, and other associative devices.

The genetic components underlying synesthesia or sensory abnormalities have persisted throughout centuries, and has pervasively been attributed or associated with creativity. It’s a psychological phenomenon where individuals involuntarily intertwine their perceptions, producing experiences in different sensory outputs. Like a Cmaj chord may sounds Blue, or a Cake may taste like the number 8; stimulation occurring in one sensory modality causes a perception in multi-sensory.

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Anecdotal evidence links mild to high-functioning asperger with synesthesia, because their memory and knowledge induction is not predicated on rote recollection only, but mnemonic and metaphoric correlation. Although the former and latter are two distinctive forms of pattern recognition; mnemonics utilizes associations to retain information, whereas metaphors form a comparison between two things. Both devices possess a sort of analogical reasoning and seems conducive to profound memory and information acquisition.

Linguistics and metaphorical meanings ascribe the same cross-modality from a different perspective, where the reasoning derives from abstract comparisons. The relationships are logical in terms of a literal situation, concept or experience having figurative connotations to correspond with the primary meaning; hence synesthesia may share a stronger relationship with mnemonics because of the arbitrary association used as a memory device. Metaphors are more used for communications and problem solving; sometimes it’s ineffective if it doesn’t produce significant results.

Primary example; a guitar is stringed horizontally, while the chords are constructed from a vertically alignment; high to low is the string-names order; EBGDAE. The acronym can use any mnemonic syntax as a rote pattern of memory. Every Baker Gets Dough After Eating. The mnemonic and the acronym share no intrinsic relationship other than a linguistic syntactical method used for remembering the strings position on the fretboard. Synesthesia rely on intrinsic neurological factors to cross-modal between senses, and it shares a closer relationship to mnemonics then metaphors.

When you scientifically investigate the theoretical correlation between a Cmaj chord and the color Blue, there’s an analogical relationship between an octaves doubling of sound vibrations and the visible electromagnetic spectrum in light. Light propagates at over 186,000 miles per second, and unlike sound traveling around 700 miles per hour, where the frequencies are measured in hertz, light frequencies are measured in terahertz or nanometers (nm)..

The lowest being the color red vibrating at 400-484 THz, and violets vibrating at 668-789 THz, that’s billions of cycles per second. If nanometers (nm) are used then red would be 620-750 nm, and violet would be 380-450 nm. This is energy photons propagating at light speed, lol (pun); however, the back layers in the eyeball is the retina containing cells that’s sensitive to light; the specialized cells are called photoreceptors, and they come in two types; rods and cones. These sensory organs convert energy into an array of colors..

Conversely, even if we find a common denominator between a Cmaj chord and the color Blue, it doesn’t solidify or inferential synesthesia to be a non-arbitrary process, because two synesthetes may have polarized color codings for the same note. This deduces a subjective influence as the main predicator and not an objective sort of reasoning.

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The ability to attribute humor to flavor during a stage performance is quantifiable and qualifiable, because it’s an emotional appeal, cognizant and conducive to memory induction. Meaning, there’s a conflation between the emotional appeal of laughter and our sense of taste; the compound in chocolate releases neurotransmitters like dopamine that causes excitement. Thus, perceiving humor through flavor may seem disparate, but it’s neurologically and cognitively viable.

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Synesthesia is a neurological predisposition that places you at a cognitive advantage in terms of creativity, it seems exclusive to a small percentage of individuals with a peculiar synergy between consciousness and perception. Such sensory integration may seem arbitrary to non-synesthetes possessing a one-dimensional sensory experience; however, synesthetes neurological perceptions are intrinsic, and there may be subconscious underpinning that governs their conflated perceptions. So if a comedian says he can taste the laughter on his tongue, it might be synesthesia, or a physiological and psychological label predicated on what appears to be an arbitrary connection between different senses.

The History of Linguistics Organic Search Engine Theory (LOSE-T), (SEO), and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)





Introduction To (LOSE-T) Search Query Disambiguation (SQD)
(1) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Derivational & Inflectional Morphology
(2) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Metaphor, Analogy, Metonym
(3) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Polysemy, Capitonym, Monosemy
(4) (SEO), (SERP), Homonym, Homophones, Homograph
(5) (SEO), (SERP), Segmental & Suprasegmental Phonology
(6) (SEO), (SERP), Paronym, Hyponym, Meronym, Hypernym
(7) (SEO), (SERP), Onomatopoeia, Denotation and Connotation
(8) (SEO), (SERP), Heteronym, Heterograph, Orthographic Units
(9) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Cuneiform, Pictographs, Ideographs
(10) (SEO), (SERP), Logographs, Hieroglyphics, Phonographs
(11) (SEO), (SERP), Abbreviations, Acronyms-Hybrids, Initialisms
(12) (SEO) (SERP) Anthropomorphic, Personification, Typography
(13) (SEO), (SERP) Holonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Taxonomy
(14) (SEO), (SERP) Prefix, Suffix, Affix, Infix, Circumfix, Morpheme
(15) (SEO), (LOSE-T) Taxonomic Framework To Encode (NLP)
(16) (SEO), (SERP) Absolute, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives
(17) (SEO), (SERP) Redshift, Doppler, Special & General Relativity
(18) (SEO), Possessive, Demonstrative, Indefinite Adjectives
(19) (SEO), (NLP), Proper Nouns, Common Nouns, Capitonymic
(20) (SEO), (NLP), Modulation, Cadence, Intonation, Inflection
(21) (SEO), (NLP), Terminology, Jargon, Verbosity, Slang/Ebonics
(22) (SEO), (NLP) Phonemes, Graphemes, Morphemes, Digraphs
(23) (SEO), (NLP), Autocomplete, Spelling Correction Predictions
(24) (SEO), (NLP), Algorithmic Paradoxes, Equilibriums, Axioms
(25) (SEO), (NLP), Chromatics, Diatonics, Logarithmics, Octaves
(26) (SEO), (NLP), Anaphora, Cataphora, Antecedent, Postcedent
(27) (SEO), (NLP), Hegelians Dialect; Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

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