The Trichotomy Between Amplitude Frequency and Velocity

The Trichotomy Between Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity

Tension, Object, Mass, Force, Vibration

There’s two key areas I’ll discuss in following papers, one is the classification of different types of waves, such as; Sinusoidal, Longitudinal, Transverse and Mechanical etc, and musicology and the compositional aspect of arranging and composing instrumentals. Also the pervasiveness of the 1,5,6,4, progression in Pop music and why it’s plague has pervaded the music industry for decades. (Upcoming Paper)

Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity are three independent factors in the propagation of sound; although the speed of sound emitted from a source propagates with amplitudes and frequency, there’s key elements that separate the characteristics of their properties. Amplitude is predicated by the forcible or vigorous strength applied during an impact, and frequencies are emitted when the impact is caused by a tension or mass of an object from a source.

Hence the reason a dispersing sound could be loud, with a low frequency, and a soft sound can emanate with a higher frequency. The fundamental constant of velocity in sound is relative to a myriad of atmospheric-conditions, a denser medium allows the sounds momentum to accelerate faster, whereas the deceleration may be conducive to a less closely compact collision of air molecules.

It’s metaphorically equitable to the subsets of linguistics; phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, well let’s use phonology, syntax and semantics. Sarcastic interpretations derive from the intonational aspect of speech, and syntax incur its context, while semantics explores the ambiguity of meanings. Clearly there’s a communicational polarity between sound, context and meaning. So although there’s a disparity, they’re ineffective without each other. (Metaphorical Correlation)

Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity can be explored in their own categorical devisions, but they accelerate and propagate together. What prompted me to discern the distinctions between velocity, amplitude and frequencies were the myriads of wavelengths in light, although light propagates at over 186,000 miles per sec, it has multiple frequencies. Meaning the polarity between frequencies doesn’t effect the propagating constant of light in a vacuum.

And this logic applies to sound, in terms of propagating independently to amplitude and frequency. First let’s differentiate between the emanation of amplitude and frequencies illustrating the guitar. A guitar is tuned; “EADGBE,” the low E has less tension, while the high E string has more tension, now these are the same note just doubled in frequency, which constitute its octave. Why we hear octaves is another subject!

Normal Force is the perpendicular force applied to the surface of an object in linear motion or fixated position, a forcible, vigorous strength causing the impact to emits the high energy amplitude. There’s no tension prior to a force being applied hence the frequency will emanate from the normal force, which will determine the amplitude.

Tension Force is a result of a string attached to an object, primarily stringed instruments, degrees of tension is applied to a string or cable. Tight forces acting upon a string from both ends of an object constituting the tension force, hence the frequencies are emitted when impact is applied. The level of tension determines the number of vibrations that’ll occur after impact.

Amplitude is the maximum displacement from an undisturbed position, it represents the energy level, and frequencies are the number of waves per cycle or second. The velocity of a wave is contingent on the medium in which it propagates; however, when a wave accelerates to a stable momentum, amplitude, frequency and velocity works in an oscillating harmony.

The History of Linguistics Organic Search Engine Theory (LOSE-T), (SEO), and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)

Introduction To (LOSE-T) Search Query Disambiguation (SQD)
(1) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Derivational & Inflectional Morphology
(2) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Metaphor, Analogy, Metonym
(3) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Polysemy, Capitonym, Monosemy
(4) (SEO), (SERP), Homonym, Homophones, Homograph
(5) (SEO), (SERP), Segmental & Suprasegmental Phonology
(6) (SEO), (SERP), Paronym, Hyponym, Meronym, Hypernym
(7) (SEO), (SERP), Onomatopoeia, Denotation and Connotation
(8) (SEO), (SERP), Heteronym, Heterograph, Orthographic Units
(9) (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Cuneiform, Pictographs, Ideographs
(10) (SEO), (SERP), Logographs, Hieroglyphics, Phonographs
(11) (SEO), (SERP), Abbreviations, Acronyms-Hybrids, Initialisms
(12) (SEO) (SERP) Anthropomorphic, Personification, Typography
(13) (SEO), (SERP) Holonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Taxonomy
(14) (SEO), (SERP) Prefix, Suffix, Affix, Infix, Circumfix, Morpheme
(15) (SEO), (LOSE-T) Taxonomic Framework To Encode (NLP)
(16) (SEO), (SERP) Absolute, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives
(17) (SEO), (SERP) Redshift, Doppler, Special & General Relativity
(18) (SEO), Possessive, Demonstrative, Indefinite Adjectives
(19) (SEO), (NLP), Proper Nouns, Common Nouns, Capitonymic
(20) (SEO), (NLP), Modulation, Cadence, Intonation, Inflection
(21) (SEO), (NLP), Terminology, Jargon, Verbosity, Slang/Ebonics
(22) (SEO), (NLP) Phonemes, Graphemes, Morphemes, Digraphs
(23) (SEO), (NLP), Autocomplete, Spelling Correction Predictions
(24) (SEO), (NLP), Algorithmic Paradoxes, Equilibriums, Axioms
(25) (SEO), (NLP), Chromatics, Diatonics, Logarithmics, Octaves
(26) (SEO), (NLP), Anaphora, Cataphora, Antecedent, Postcedent
(27) (SEO), (NLP), Hegelians Dialect; Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

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(6) The Trichotomy Between Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity
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(2) The Psychology of Politics Equatable Rhetorics
(3) Psychophysics, Polyrhythm, Arrangement and Composition
(4) Smells Velocity Induces Memory Faculty
(5) Cognitive Impairment/Weather Conditions/Placebo Effect
(6) The Social Equilibrium of Spirituality vs Superficiality
(7)  Quantum Entanglement, Chameleon Effect and Coincidences
(8) Synthesis Deriving From A Medical Antithesis
(9) The Power of Analogy, A Peculiar Mnemonics
(10) A Metaphor In Physics To Induce Organic Sleep
(11) Karma The Spiritual Undertone In Cause and Effect  
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The Contrasting Distinctions Between Metaphor and Analogy
Thermodynamics and The Industrial Revolution
Analogically Correlating The Third Law of Motion Equilibrium
American History Pervasive With Irony 13th, 14th, 15th Amendment
The Fallibility of Improper Metaphor Congress and Atoms
Sarcasm Phonology, Ambiguity, Semiotics, Semantics etc..
Dramatic, Situational, Verbal, Tragic, Socratic Irony
Apophenia, Pareidolia, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
Synchronicity, Serendipity, Irony, Coincidences
Lexical, Syntactical and Structural Ambiguity
Incongruous Juxtaposition Resolution

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