The Knockout Game

Al Sharpton The Cockroach of
The African-American Community


Finally the buffoon Al Sharpton cracks open his cocoon, the pervasive highlights by the media of his peripheral skewed racial vision, is elementarily obvious; now he protrudes like a dried-up superhero of equality to create a character equilibrium.

Your negative-garnish has preceded your faulty innocuous post-gestures. Al Sharpton, the cockroach of the african-american community, sprinting to the rescue with his incumbent one-sided track record.

The vile of equality and the stealth corruption; The ironic representation of humanity, an authentic pseudo-philanthropiss…! It’s the victimization of african-americans that perpetuates this debris existence, there’s no political benefits in targeting inner cities and neighborhoods, so they act oblivious to the calamity.

The Knockout Game: one hit quitter

When you juxtapose insidious and idiocy, you get, “The Knockout Game,” A sinister syndrome, appalling in the most reprehensible way conceivable. The whole objective of this malevolent tirade is to catapult a victim with a single sucker-punch: Ironically, it’s pervasively defined as humor.

The metaphor is called “one hit quitter,” basically knocking someone out with the first punch, and these mental-tadpoles have permeated the virtual airwaves, spiraling their well-defined “boredom” ubiquitously, throughout Milwaukee, Chicago, Lansing and New Jersey.

A random stranger is targeted as part of this new humor-epidemic, a post-influential syndrome popularized by online videos, the escalation of internet-pranks have taken on an entire new paradigm shift, and perpetrators are the epitome of follies, intermittently preying on the victims of benevolence.

Unsuspected victims become fictional characters in a cartoonic scene, and the protagonists reinvents a “Tom and Jerry-like” fiction into reality; its slapstick hilarious, but it’s premeditatedly serious.

Teenagers and their new era of unorthodox belligerence, the cascade of intellectualism is quite an empirical notion indeed, and to assume juvenile delinquency is an acceptable punishment, ponder on this; When you’ve encapsulated a premeditated kind of victimization as a collective group, then the bar of consequences must be subjugated to these societal subordinations, felony charges regardless of their age. A parallel legislative irrationality is well justified.

Congress will eventually use these civilian rampage as an indirect political way to write legislature and pass new Internet Laws, to control and monitor what influence online users. Google these abbreviated terms, SOPA, PIPA and CISPA, these are all proposed laws in congress that failed in the past due to people petitioning and protesting the government. (However I will explain CISPA)

(CISPA) The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a proposed legislation that allows internet traffic information between the US Government and manufacturing and technological companies. The bill was proposed in Congress by the a House of Representatives, but failed in the Senate, President Obama was advised to veto the bill because it infringes on civil liberties.

The failed bill, created to protect us from cyber threats and secure networks from cyber-warfare, has once again reenacted its tyrannical head, by the House of Representatives. President Obama cannot veto a bill twice, especially if there’s a unanimous vote in Congress.

These teenage culprits gallivanting like lemmings on strings across the country, and publicly admitting that online videos are predicating this preposterous domino-effect chain-reaction, it only reinforces political legislative pursuits. A parallel stigma comparable to gun laws and mass killings.

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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