The Gang Raping Kangaroos

Thelma Henry Wallis an animal philanthropist, is pressing charges against the San Diego Zoo for escaped Animals raping her baby Kangaroo “Coco,” She’s suing them for 20 million dollars. Mrs Wallis lives within close proximity of the Zoo, she has a baby Kangaroo she adopted while in Australia on a business-trip, She adopted the Kangaroo from the “World Animal Foundation,” as part of the “Help An Animal Charity.”


On Friday 22nd, November, around 4.30 pm, Approximately 3 to 4 Kangaroos jumped her fence and gang-raped her baby Kangaroo, “Coco,” in the most gruesome, sinister way conceivable.

Mrs Wallis said, “I understands that the gang-rape was done inadvertently, and animals are susceptible to the fallibility of their own nature; However, i find this tragedy appalling and someone has to pay.”

The Zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, housing over 3,700 animals and with more than 650 species and subspecies. There have been countless reports of animals escaping and attacking residents, but this peculiar case is quite a rarity.

A maintenance worker noticed a hole in the fence to the north-western side of the Balboa Park, and suspected a few animals escaped, he called his superior and they immediately contacted the local authorities, to set out a manhunt to capture the escaped Kangaroos.

Mrs Wallis said, “Coco” was gang-raped until she became unconscious, an unprecedented trauma that’ll psychologically affect “Coco” into adult-kangaroo-hood.” She also added that, “These are domesticated Kangaroos, they’re not Jungle kangaroos, there’s no excuse for this unacceptable horrendous behavior,” shes said.

Since the Kangaroos that gang-raped “Coco” are considered minors, they’ll be placed in a juvenile correctional facility in a mutually exclusive section of the Balboa Park; Ironically, there are no laws in-place for such a peculiar tragedy.

The Zoo is under investigation by the USDA, APHIS, Animal Care
and the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) for negligence, and can face up to 50,000 in fines, including a lawsuit. The Zoo’s management could not be reached for comments, but Park Security officials have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

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