Spirituality The Pinnacle of Human Folly

The Pinnacle of Human Folly

Exploring Quasi-Science

The placebo-effect and it’s psychological implications never fails to fonder to the lust of human delusion. Do you remember the philosophical dialogue between The Architect and Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded?” (Quote) “Hope the quintessential of human delusion, simultaneously being our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.” (Unquote)

One of the Architects line in the latter part of the confrontational discourse; also taking into consideration the first Matrix was infallible, it was the spawn of a perfect utopia that crumbled because of human fallibility and our innate insatiability towards suffering and misery. (Another subject)

Let us embark on the vaguely inexplicable subjectivity of spirituality, and to conspicuously assume we can engage in discourse over the objectivity of spirituality is folly, because each individual blabber their mutually exclusive delusion of grandeur.

Ambivalent perceptions of the same concept. Now let’s exclude religiosity from the equation and embrace spirituality as an independent secular factor, “sounds like a contradiction,” but many treat religiosity and spirituality in stark contrast.

Spirituality seems to dwell on the non-materialistic attributes of existence, a connection to the intangible being or the nature or essence of a man. A divine sacred embodiment or liturgy connection with the intangible, a meaning to life, one that transcends beyond worldly interest.

An intrinsic joy, unity, acceptance, significance or a personal rapport with the universe. Or an external divine intervention that predicates the narratives of life. A complete vaguely inexplicable mumbo-jumbo gibberish that’s contingent on the subjectivity of ones delusion.

I’ll equate spirituality to subatomic particles in physics, delusional infatuation for narratives in the bigger spectrum of things, one thats inferentially void but empirically enticing.

Like the protons and neurons binding to the nucleus, bonded by a strong electromagnetic force, while miles away, (relative to the atoms minuscule size) electrons spiral intermittently, particles behaving as both wave and particles. An ambiguity that’s salient in the chaotic narratives of life.

I foreshadow a tandem array of ostracism on this paper, three two notions only;

(1) The trivial ad-hominem against my verbosity or senseless verbiage.
(2) My inability to diminish the importance of ego in logic, reason and rationality.
(3) My ignorance of grandeur by dismissing an idea I neither comprehend, experience or understand.

Regardless, the former, mid and latter are the only contrasting tenets a reader will pose to challenge this paper. Beyond the parameter of anecdotal and empirical evidence for such a vaguely inexplicable claim, the inferences are void and vividly subjective and incoherent with the consistencies of reality.

Debunking such an insidious notion seems like a conspicuous laceration against quasi or pseudo-science in the metaphysical sense; however this is far from the objective, it’s more like identifying the lack of clarity and pronounced ambiguity in spirituality and embracing it as such.

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