4: Obscure Metaphors


Obscure Metaphors

Conceptual mapping and contiguity between domains

Tonight I observed two comedians peculiar way of smoking cigarettes; the way the smoke permeated the air before dissipating appears to be manipulated by his preceding exhalations and ofcourse a myriad of variables predicating it’s propagative effect.

The smoke spiraled intermittently and permeated the air before dissipating, and although the movement seems arbitrary, there seems to be a law governing its dynamics, like the peculiarity of preceding exhalation.

Personifying the smokes attribute to individual characteristics by correlating the exhalation of air protruding the larynx with the mechanics of motion seems like a far-fetch anecdotal notion. The obscurity of a peculiar propagating metaphor demarcated by the laws of physics.

The simultaneous harmony between the spiral, when it permeates and the cascading dissipation leaves a personifying residue of human temperament; meaning you can understand a persons mind by studying the orchestral performance of the “smoke.” It’s residue outlives it’s brevity while it dances to silent music. A passive metaphor mild in the wink of an observation.

That’s a primary example of propagating metaphors, finding commonalities between two different forms of existence; a discernible correlation between literal attributes and natural occurring processes, and ofcourse equating the latter with the former, “metaphorically.” Domain mapping and conceptual contiguity can be explored in metaphor, analogy, metonymy and other figurative expressions.

Smoke is the result of combustion, it consist of gas and airborne particles; although the myriad of chemicals in smoke is complexed, its erratic behaviors are conducive to incremental sequences thats deterministic. The distinctive characteristics of an applicable metaphor constrained within physical law.

Propagating metaphors are quite intriguing; natural occurring biological processes that one can discernibly correlate to literally. It’s erratic behavior is conducive to incremental sequences thats deterministic; the mechanics of motion and the laws of physics predicating it’s transformational stages.

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