7: The Irony in Sarcasm

Empirical Metaphors & Metaphysical Linguistics

I propose a hypothesis that fundamentals of metaphysics lies in the demystifying of experiential metaphors of observations, That entails the demobilization of coincidental, accidental, de ja vu and other physical law defying experiences. By embodying these experiences you can harness a much better methodological way of understanding them, Thus understanding the metaphysical way of communicating.
This is such a pseudo scientific logic, Okay i agree, But atleast give me credit for exploring the

Ego The Mental Hostage

A Metaphorical approach to define an abstract experience colliding with other microscopic attributes. The ego is a defense mechanism the mind creates to protect itself from a false sense of security, An abstract victim of your own discretion. The core of ego lies in its ability to spiral into a perpetual upward continuity, Based souly on material attributes. This is a subjective view, ‘Not An Objective View..!

The Irony In Sarcasm Within A Literal Contradiction

I find Sarcastic Remarks to be a mediocre approach to hiding ones intellectual weakness, Particularly when the Sarcasm is either Condescending or somewhat Humiliating. Whats more intriguing is when the Sarcasm is interpreted Literally. The One throwing the Sarcasm then has to point out in a kind of Condescending manner that his statement was a Sarcastic Statement.

But what if the Literalist took the statement Literally Purposely? For a number of reasons, Maybe the Literalist is Anti-Sarcasm, Maybe it’s a Pseudo Method of engaging in a serious conversation, And many Sarcastic Users tend to cheapen the essence of Linguistic Figuratives. Thus giving Sarcasm a losely kind of negative clitche in some circumstances. You know i’ve encountered quite a few people that disambiguate Sarcasm instantaneously for the above mentioned.

Here’s the Ironic nature of the Sarcasm vs Literalism, If the Literalist takes the statement Literally Purposely, In most cases the Sarcastic Person misses the Literalist’s, Purposely responding Literally. This entails that the Literalist’s response is actually a Form of Reverse Sarcasm to which the Sarcastic Initiator completely didn’t get it, And thats ironic.

William Shakespeare and many of our Past Predecessors, Used Metaphors, Analogy, Similes, Sarcasm, Irony, Ambiguity, Personifications, Onomatopoeia etc is such a Wondrous Exalting Linguistic Aesthetics, It’s a verbal travesty to see it demobilized by the voices of the uncharted.

Double Irony
Sarcasm Within The Literal Context

Double Irony in Sarcasm in a Literal Context is when the Initiator’s Statement was wrongfully interpreted as being Sarcastic, When initially it wasn’t the case, The the opposition responds back Sarcastically rather than taking it Naively or Purposely Literally. This leaves the Initiator in Confusing because of the misinterpretation of the initial statement.

The first Irony is a statement misinterpreted as Sarcastic gets a Sarcastic Response based on a misinterpretation, The the initiator takes the Sarcastic Response Literally, Its Ironic from both perspectives…!

The Evolution Of
Physical Sarcastic Gestures

One would assume ‘President Obama’s’ response to a child in a Spiderman Outfit is an act of Literal condescensions, or a literal gestural response to the kids sarcastic initiation?

We’re naive to assume that the child isn’t capable of deciphering sarcasm from an intuitive standpoint, maybe the child instinctively knows everything he’s doing is imaginary and having the same reverse reaction to President Obama’s literal reaction.

The objective of this visual observation is not to extrapolate any form of inferiority or superiority on either side, but to more focus on how the gestural figurative aspect of linguistic is instinctively taught and engrained psychology, Whether psychologically, environmentally or accidentally.

In time this child will develop the ability to counter attack sarcastically and on the reverse side take things literally for the sake of defying the obvious expectations.

Shared perspectives are welcomed, my observation is not an authority on any given subject, its just seeing the physical aspect of sarcasm evolving.

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