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Linguistics Semantics Polysemy’s Correlation With Visual Trichotomic Ambiguity

Linguistics, Surrealism & Ambiguity

Lexical ambiguity in semantics are quite prevalent; Homonym, Homophones, Homograph, Heteronym, Heterograph, Polysemy, Monosemy, Capitonym, Paronym, Hyponym and Meronym etc–each term attributing multiple interpretations stemming from the noun, verb, adjective, spelling or phonological attributions of tonality. The synonymous nature of these terms share an underlying confusion because of the interrelated variables of interpretations. Polysemy is our primary focus, because it’s the coexistence of a myriad of possible interpretations in a lexicon (word).

Primary examples:
Pack: a small container; a group of wild animals; to cram a large number of things.
Magazine: a periodical publication containing articles; a chamber holding cartridge supplies; a store supplying ammunition.
Tie: to tie shoelace; a bow-tie; game tie.

There’s a theoretical distinction between homonyn and polysemy; Homonyms are words with identical spellings and pronunciations: bark; as a dog barking, or the tree bark—-a third interpretation would subsequently induce polysemous interpretations, triple or more meanings. Polysemy is an intriguing linguistic device because abstractly there’s an underlying trichotomy in it’s structure; a paradoxical communication between the same spelling and pronunciations of words with mutually exclusive categories and disparate interpretations.

The etymological derivation of lexicons precedes back to antiquity, and although there’s a dichotomy in their phonological evolution vs the arbitrariness between lexicons and their physical associations, their rudimentary structures are abstractly quantifiable, and serve as a cross-platforming disciplinary. If you Google a corpus of 1,000 online jokes, polysemy pervades in the structure of puns,(ambiguous humor), where astute-canny writers can evoke double or triple entendre using polysemous lexicons.

Polysemous lexicons (words), have metonymic and metaphorical extensions beyond its literal meaning, hence the triple interpretations evolve from their literal dennotational meanings to their non-literal connotational attributes..Denotational being the fundamental meaning of a word, and connotation denoting the social priming it evokes over time; primarily metaphoric, metonymic and other figurative and rhetoric literary devices…For clarity and specificity we’re exploring the underlying conceptual etymological structure of lexicons (words), primarily lexical ambiguity, and not the arbitrariness between a word and its correlation to its physical association, or the derivation of its etymological phonological evolution.

Surrealism is the avant-garde movement in literature and art from the 20th century, it’s the juxtaposition of incongruity, merging of the incompatible, taking concepts that are mutually exclusive, paring them in a parallel dimension and finding a common denominator they share. Their infused nature are ambiguously discomforting, irrationally appealing or artistically absurd. Surrealism is a form of visual bizarreness and may be conducive to visual ambiguity if both visual concepts overlap each other; meaning, not all visual surrealism are ambiguity and not all visual ambiguity are surrealism.

Visual dichotomic ambiguity and visual trichotomic ambiguity are equitable to homonyms and polysemies in lexical ambiguity in semantics; the dichotomy in visual ambiguity are constricted within a two dimensional interpretation, meaning–mutually exclusive images cannot be observed simultaneously, only independently–additionally, the triple contrasting trichotomic ambiguities can only be observed independently and not simultaneously also.

Equivalent to lights magnetic and electric field radiation propagating at 186,000 miles a second in transverse oscillation. Magnetic field oscillating in the horizontal plane and the electric field oscillating in the vertical plane. The paradox derives from the wave-particle duality of the photon particles; elementary particles exhibiting contradicting properties?

The electromagnetic waves that compose electromagnetic radiation can be imagined as a self-propagating transverse oscillating wave of electric and magnetic fields. This diagram shows a plane linearly polarized EMR wave propagating from left to right. The electric field is in a vertical plane and the magnetic field in a horizontal plane. The electric and magnetic fields in EMR waves are always in phase and at 90 degrees to each other.

In the arbitrariness of linguistic semantics where ambiguity pervades we find an underlying construct that can be cross-platformed across different domains; polysemy comprises of noun, verbs, adjectives, with additional figurative devices such as metonymy and metaphors—non-literal use of words..Visual ambiguity consist of two or more mutually exclusive imagery imbued in a single piece of art that cannot be observed simultaneously.

Dichotomic visual ambiguity is partitioned into a two state of observation, where two contrasting imagery are infused in a piece of art eliciting a sort of ambiguity that’s observably independent to each other…Perceptually, the image appearing as the roof of a cave or the hill of a mountain is relative with respect to perception. This sort of visual ambiguity has promulgated the internet and gained prominence as the prime illustration to depict visual ambiguity!

Trichotomic visual ambiguity comprises of three perceptual disparities; primarily two animal-faces, facing each other, between them is the visual depiction of a man, constituting three visually stimulating image representations. A horse-face to the left, a horse-face to the right, and the vague outline of a bodybuilder in the middle holding up the gold-medal. The perceptual values are subjective and conducive to ones interpretation, there’s no dominant or subordinate in a state of inexactness, uncertainty or two or more interpretations.

The schematic construct of visually ambiguous images share a contiguity with polysemies, an underlying construct between triple interpretations in semantic-ambiguity and the disparity in visual ambiguity. Relatively speaking; the arbitrariness of linguistics pervade in the etymological definition of a lexicons phonological evolution, and the arbitrary relationship between lexicons and the physical objects they represent. Conversely, lexicons that’s contingent on abstract or intangible interpretations represent a logical construct that’s profoundly explicit…!

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