Demystifying Coincidences

Exploring Coincidences And Spontaneity

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Coincidences seems like an enigma that defies the scientific laws of unravelling, But i’ve pondered on the experience exponentially, Probing the scientific, metaphysical, neurological and religious platform of reasoning and explanations, However noone seems to pigeonhole this experiential phenomenon.

Scientific Explanation The scientific theory explains the number of probabilities that far exceeds the improbabilities of things conjuring in harmony, Yet these improbabilities must happen based on their one in a billionth chance of happening, and at some given point these improbabilities must collide.

Metaphysical Explanation Metaphysics explores the laws of attraction, a somewhat pseudo-scientific assumption based on emotions and feelings rather than logical or scientific conclusions, We’re all connected on a fundamental level, we’re all made up of particles, and these particles dictate the laws of physics. Somehow their theory makes absolutely no sense.

Neurological Explanation Neurology explains our cognitive method of summarizing patterns to recognizable and please our harmonious perspectives, Humans have a tendency to put things together using patterns and what the mind is essentially doing is filling the gaps to the missing puzzles and solving patterns.

Religious Explanation Religions don’t believe in coincidences, Their theory is based on the idea of a predetermined destiny and our inherent purpose, coincidences are not expressed beyond the point of purpose. Some apologetic scholars have even hypothesized the power of a deity interacting with humans and using coincidences are a communicative theme.

The fundamental tool for evaluating coincidences is to first ignore the improbability of the coincidence, Because the overwhelming moment clouds rationality, and we tend to miss the highlighted evidence to dissect the experience.

When i experience a coincidence i take two things into consideration, “Abstract and Tangibility”.

Abstract Within the context of coincidences, is the beginning phase of a coincidence, a sporadic random sequence of imaginative conforms and non conformity thoughts perpetuating itself without purpose.
Tangibility Within the context of tangibility, is the parallels of abstract.

This is to state, whether Abstract happens before or after Tangibility is irrelevant, Because vice versa the contractual results are the same. Now there’s a gap between Abstract and Tangibility that creates the coincidence, the perfect moment, the awe of the century, the highlight of the evening and the memories of our lives.
So what are coincidences? I Don’t Know.. Sorry..!

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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