Facebook Virtual Extroverts

Simulated Annoyance

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


A miniscule introduction to the potential virtual catastrophic of Facebook’s Social Network, Primarily dominated by online extroverts, while the introverted nomads settle in their interactive simplicity.

I’m in awe of a Friend Request, only to face and introductive rejection, beyond the Add Request a sense of affiliation simply fades into the cold desert air. Why such a paradoxical acquaintance, Why such an enthusiastic proposition gets discarded like a flotilla of warships at sea?

I’m bombarded by these new revolutionary extroverts that pivot their associations into a popularity lingo, the gem of social media, the forefront of popularity comradery and the gist of central acceptance.

Friend Request is not an associative gap being explored manually, But more of an automated digital play of online hollywood-ism, building a mediocre jism of false popularity, Thriving on another number added to the equation as a pseudo sense of social value, what a cheap approachable stigma of latent insecurity.

If you add me, speak to me, you societal scum, social debris, raving mouth watering buffoon, you intellectual tadpole, you transparent jellyfish, and ofcourse i must utter my trademark “You Pigshit”

Ad hominem attacks is a luxury i can afford, and my sarcasm and condescensions are effortless repercussions of being treated like a Friends Prostitute, I beg to differ the few exceptions to the rules that always defy these probabilities, but beyond the scope of exceptions, i can still equate these extroverted shrines with obvious comparative logistics.

Here’s a visual interpretation from a much more layman’s perspective. It’s an intriguing experience to engulf a cross-disciplinary platform, culturally and economically.

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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