Incongruity Vs Dichotomy

Incompatibility vs Exclusivity

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Today while leaving the Library near the security checkpoint, A guy next to me uttered, ‘I like your dichotomy’ I pondered on his misconception or misrepresentation of the word he used out of context, but somewhat in similar contextual way, I’d like to explore the differentiating factors involved.

Dichotomy refers to the partitioning of a whole thing, bipartition or splitting into two entities, in the process of splitting they somewhat become in contrast making it mutually exclusive. It comes from the Greek word, ‘Dichotomia’ which means ‘Divide’

Incongruity is when two things are completely incompatible with each other, ‘Incongruous Juxtaposition’ is the merging of two incompatible things to find a single common denominator.


So Dichotomy and Incongruity are essentially mutually exclusive in terms of their internal and external conceptual structures, However, I can understand the fine line of linguistic misrepresentation.

The fact that my ‘Perry The Platypus Hat’ And ‘Myself’ wasn’t actually a whole entity broken into two mutual contrast making the two parts exclusive in nature, makes his proposition false.

Incongruous Juxtaposition is more of a precise term to define my look, it juxtaposes two things that are completely incompatible creating congruency, I found his statement in a subtle way appalling, apparently his suggestive tonality fumed off a kind of condescending undertone.

Incongruity or incongruous juxtaposition doesn’t necessarily need congruency, it just simply states two things placed side by side that are incompatible or in contrast with each other.

Using words out of context is primarily acceptable, I’m guilty of such notions myself, However, why even bother expatiating his misuse of the word anyway? Doing that would somewhat make me a verbal hypocrite, so my objective isn’t to actually correct the buffoon, but to use these experiences as a learning curb to understand and edumacate myself. Lol
The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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