Metaphorical Paradoxes

Exploring Abstract Conundrums

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Metaphorical Paradoxes is happens when a figurative or non literal statement makes logical sense but contradicts each other when juxtaposed. The metaphorical aspect of the paradox is the non literal comparative.

(1) Primary Example: “You’re the sunshine of our divorce.”

Here’s a perfect example of a metaphorical paradox, the contradictory in the non literal aspect of linguistics. Metaphors are linguistic aesthetics, its the extended array of linguistic possibilities, it allows us to explore the language in an incongruous sort of way.

There’s no commonality between a metaphor and its comparative reference, However we instinctively perceive resemblances in two completely different forms of existence, and we use metaphors as a way of expressing a literal statement, in a non literal way.

The commonality between metaphors and literal statements are there perceptive interpretations of an actually experience. Some experiences such as the sun gives off light, brightness, energy, its a power source to trees, animals, humans and all living organisms. The sunshine gives an optimistic comradery to the laws of consistency, The sun replenishes our skins, tans our skin and even protects us.
These are the perceptive and conceptual attributes we use to subconsciously articulate the sun.

Now from a literal perspective, A female specimen embraces your presence, bright smile, energetic soul, her aura engulfs the room and replenishes the air, purity in her aspiration and a daunting look of aesthetic appreciation, and the parallel feeling between the literal and metaphorical experience begins to spiral unconsciously into a mental and verbal juxtaposition, and a comparison is made.

From a linguistic perspective there’s no logical link between a literal statement and an actual metaphor, but the perceptive and conceptual values can be taken into consideration, The bridge that connects a literal to a non literal statement is the commonality between our perceptive and conceptual experientials.

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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