A Societal Irony Of Tirades

 A Latent Idiom

People In LA Are Fake  

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


People In LA are very superficial and fake’  A syntactic sentence that’s inevitably prevalent in every social dialog I encounter. I’m in awe of the idiomatic consistency that’s prominent in every conversation, it’s either they genuinely mean what they say or they’re societal muppets regurgitating their trivial verbal debris from their past circles of sheeplike ideologies. 

I’d assume the perpetrators of such statements exclude themselves from the equation, ‘obviously’ Then rant on a tirade of vagueness and skewed social ideologies filled with mediocre specificity and non factual subjectivity.

Superficiality is a global theme of exploration and not limited to the scope of a single constituent, Yet the label seems predominant in ‘LA’ Something I’m completely oblivious to, even with a provoked sense of awareness. 

Whether California is mediocre superficial or materialistically driven is irrelevant to my overnight infatuated pet peeve for the irony of complaining tirades that seems deluded in grandeur, a self conceited notion and quite an annoying conversational cliche.

However, I always pondered on the consistency of their intellectual inadequacies based on the characteristics of these perpetrators on such an idiomatic statement, isn’t that ironic? Claiming a place to be trivial then cascading down an alley of conversational insignificance, blabbering over celebrity gossip and mainstream sensationalism.

It is not the superficiality of LA that worries me, it’s the people making these statements, they seem far more pervasive than the actuality of nature, and they all share a single common denominator, their inability to evoke a deep seeded mind stimulating though provoking conversation thats a parallel advocating justification and separation tool to codify their initial statement.

I recently debated one of these provocative pessimistic ranters on their arbitrarily compartmentalized hypocrisy, because they seem to abhor embracing optimism. The individual claimed that his view of California is an objective one, then proceeded to ask me to differentiate the difference between subjectivity and objectivity, ‘Interesting HUH..!’

I’m not denying California’s superficiality, But I’m an advocate of the silver lining, and this place offers a myriad array of opportunistic possibilities, and that’s just from an entertainment perspective. I think it’s a travesty to be constantly bombarded by these mental clusters of compartmentalized crabs in a barrel lemmings.

California is a magnificent place and is filled with objective significance, The truest superficiality is the astronomical collective group of pseudo-centric mental buffoons, spurting their bias subjective contextual debris of notions as a means of pacifying their internal inadequacies, or they’re simply just another societal tool being a victim of their own discretion.

Avoid these colloquial muppets at all cost, they harbor little to your growth and offer no insightful practical information beyond the parameters of their vague sensationalistic triviality.

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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