Dane Cook A Genius

Danecook’s Unorthodox Approach To Humor

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Dane Cook’s unorthodox methodological approach to humor is quite an uncanny theme, It defies traditional punchlines and stereoptypical buildups, and his conventional element of surprise is verbally skewed to more of an aesthetic transition. Ironically this is the epitome of “Surprise” in humor in an untraditional sense of appeal.

Dane Cook encapsulates an astronomical array of imperative triviality and juxtaposes it with his physicality in a parallel comradery, an oblivious notion prevalent to him, yet a conundrum to Standup in the traditional sense.

Also talking to consideration his demographic appeal, his ingenious wittiness of filling a demographical gap while plowing away at immediate themes, specifically “Relationships” the rudimentary of humans highest emotional attainment. Such a luxury of exploitation, while riding the curtail of women’s emotional state during their most mediocre situational temperaments.

There’s an openly flamboyant detest for his work simply because of its non-ritual effect on the sensationalistic masses, his work doesn’t comply to past predecessors conceptual ideology of humor delivery, and comedians cannot pigeonhole him using information they’ve regurgitated from books asserted by pseudo comics..!

Dane Cooks work is continuously on a pinnacle of subjective ostracisation, objectively his sensationalistic appeal sold out Madison Square Garden, evidentially he filled a unique comedic gap, something the clustering congregation of potential comics failed to muster up to…!

Clearly his sexuality, masculinity and manneristic aura has a latent ambience thats undeniably infatuating to unisexes, so from a superficial perspective he’s already a driving uncanny marketable force to be reckoned with.

When we take a subjective approach to evaluating the success of others, we cloud our rationality with emotional biases, thus disallowing us to see the rudimentary element that attributed to their success in the first place.

When we take an objective approach we eradicate personal biases and deal with the consequential scenarios regardless of our emotional distaste, then we dissect the fundamental tenant that attributed to their success, then find methodologies of implementing these concepts in our personal objectives.

Dane Cook’s inability to evoke my chuckles is irrelevant in the objective myriads of factuality, However, a subjective article would require a completely polarized scenario of discussion….!

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
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