Comedians Are Magnificent

Demystifying The enigmas laughter

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Logic and rationality is a counterintuitive comedic ingenuity that perpetuates itself into an emotional cascade. I’ve always pondered over the rudiments and methodological structures of abstract constructions, not the pseudo formulaics, publishing their mediocre assertions and watching it become encapsulated by the myriads of naive comedic regurgitating muppets…!

Incapable of distinguishing the fundamental tenants that define the linguistic ambiguities, both lexical and syntactic that protrudes itself evidently in all phonological structures. This fascination i embrace in solitude, and social embracement is a luxury i abhor from, because it deprives raw abstract ingenuity. A subjective introverted statement needs no scrutiny…!

The gaps between materials is an unambiguous enigma most comedians instinctively demystify, making the protruding mystery a self proclaimed performance delusion, Yet we mask the core essence of ourselves in a sort of emancipated proclamation, cascading ourselves back into a predetermined materially oriented security.

The experiential psychological dichotomy all encapsulated in a single 5 to 10 minutes of paradoxical experiences. An exhilarating euphoric mental ejaculation of elated satisfaction “When the audience laughs”

A desolated emotional despair of mental anguish and downcast dejection “When nonone laughs,” Both emotional entities are the dichotomic emotional structures of the psychological aspect of humor.

Here’s what makes “Comedians Magnificent”
The instinctual unorthodox peculiar absurdities, is truly an oddity that supersedes the highest of creative apexes. They muster up and exemplify their idiosyncrasies, then butter their tongues and spew a magnetic conundrum that baffles the most quick-witted of science.

To verbally battle a comedian would be an astronomical cascade into a perpetual oblivion. Pray your enemy never thread where a comedian tongue rattles.

Dear Comedians, ejaculate your verbal freedom, and let your voices be heard, rant those free expressions, and make your audience swirl, embrace the stage with fear, chant your inner voice, then let the humor tear…!

Comedians Are Magnificent, Comedians Are Magnificent, Comedians Are Magnificent…!
Long Live Comedians….!


The End

Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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