The Art Of Joke Formation

A Chat With Marty

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


During my time in LA, I visited Marty’s open mic establishment as a means of honing and fine tuning the wonderful mystifying enigma of humor. Mr Marty’s quite a peculiar individual.

Our conversation passively erupted in a passionate fraternity on the fundamental construction and methodologies behind humor formation. From a subjective and objective standpoint there was a dichotomy in our viewpoints, i found his theory of experience being the rudimentary source of creativity to be somewhat vague and ambiguous, in terms of its inability to demystify and theoretically dissect jokes.

On the contrary, experience is an inevitable subconscious inventory sitting latent as an abstract comedic toolkit, But it doesn’t suffice any equation that is conducive to comedic unambiguousness, Ironically two comics can personify complete distinctive contradictive ideas about humor yet derive to the exact same punchline consequential’s, and this is what i call a paradoxical dichotomy thats really ambiguous.

This can simply mean, both contradicting ideas are completely irrelevant, and there’s a completely peculiar common denominator we intuitively share that we as comedians are completely oblivious to. It was quite an interesting conversation, especially discussing humor with someone who has over 20 years experience in the business.

Marty’s venue offers multiple options, The main room primarily, ‘self explanatory’ With multiple stage time you can perpetuate into midnight continuity.

His second room is smaller but offers a private more personalized environment that comics can engulf themselves into humor extinction. Also an outdoor seating area that frolics a disport from humor fatigue, you’ll indeed be exhausted from performance time and stage luxury.

Marty’s establishment is undeniably the all encompassing quintessential of open mic’s, it exist in an unrivaled pool of adversaries, ‘unsurpassable’ Simply because of its multifaceted combined incongruity and its intriguing dichotomy, all juxtaposed in a single conceptual element that defines his medium as far more than just an open mic, but a place a comedian can call home…!

My Favorite Los Angeles OPEN MIC
Mega Magnificent Place….!

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
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