The Minority Report

Linguistic Degenerates

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Preconceived notions are such a delusional of grandeur, a splendid array of latent assumptions that is not based on one single ioda of objective rationality.

The verbal evidence creates a conversational incongruity that somehow never juxtaposes itself into meaningful criterias. Scraping the racist surface of sensitivity and plowing into the urban ebonics culture of verbal linguistic degenerates.

Intellectual biasness streams a wave of sub-linguistic attributes, As an introduction to a more academic approach to ebonics. I reject such a notion, using the mediums of ignorance as a methodological platform of exploring linguistics on its most lackadaisical level.
Immersing factuality is greeted with pessimistic sensationalism, Optimism within these context is a cortextual cloak.

I’m sparsely approached by these enemies of language, oblivious to their linguistic castration, seeking to relate and ignoring their communicative state of downward spiral perpetualism. Ironically, the largest database of information known to man is subjected to humdrum monotonous mediocrities.
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The End…

Share you views and opinion, please leave a comment below

Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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