The Internet Leader

Virtual Remodeling

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


I fathom such a privileged position, A virtual throne where my words pierce this spectrum of governmental ammendments and convenient constitutions, embracing the weak and feeble without political motives.

Intellects designed the computational foundations, but we’re the slaves that built the empires. Empires where giants slaughter the perpetrators, murder the blasphemies and torture the activist. I come in peace, to pacify the weak and exhault the rich with sarcastic condesenscions.

Let’s submerge our virtual universe, free of restrictions and insidious policies, where our rules become their slavery, a vision I see clearly.

The Internet Leader glows and his eyes feast on domination over all dominions. I am the father of the Internet, and please don’t speculate condescensions, but let’s console the possibilities of a relatable fellow human, or suffer the chain of political consequential commands that will only enslave and clutter the potentiality of the limitless residual powers of the Internet.

The Internet is the last of the Renegade, it’s the Zion of the Matrix, Last Mohicans, the butter of remaining freedom is slipping away exponentially and incomprehensibly fast, but with a proper leader we can curtail our last freedom and rid ourselves of the power bestowed upon us.

We will not ruster into the cold desert air until our last breath spews linguistic abnormality, and in those moments our tonal structure will cry the true meaning of freedom. I am your Internet leader.

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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