Dichotomy an Ambiguous Paradox

Paradoxical Latency

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


The polarization of a dichotomy is a nuance, and the partitioning of a singularity creates the ambiguity that contradicts the initial linguistic proposition, And that is the idea of a dichotomy is false in its conceptual and perceptual interpretations. A dichotomy is the partitioning of a whole into two opposing or contradictive parts, possibly more that two opposing parts, maybe three or four.

The idea of a whole becoming separate contradictive parts seems illogical based on the premise of it’s initially being a whole, whole in the literal, visual or perceptual sense? How is the concept of ‘Whole’ deemed before the proposed partitioning of a once perfect singularity?


Was there a contradiction in the ‘Whole’ before dichotomization, or the the selection created the dichotomy, Whether it was dichotomized before or after the partitioning is significantly important to eradicating some of its inconspicuous-ness.

I find this obscurity appalling by definition, Dichotomy is treated as a solid perceptual definition without intrinsically exploring the ambiguous-ness of the word. To state a whole becoming two mutually exclusive parts begs a big question. How does the whole become the complete opposite of its innate interpretation and vice versa.

Incongruous Dichotomization
Mutual exclusion must of existed prior to its partitioning, or where else does the contrast derive from? But this is fallible by the very definition of ‘Whole’ If there’s distinctive exclusivity within the parameters of a ‘Whole Thing’ then the whole is subjected to a reformation of the very said definition.

However it’s logically infallible to point out the paradox in the dichotomy, To disembody a presupposition and the result is in contrast or contradicts its original state is a paradoxical situation, and the ambiguity in which theses processes make the transition is an illogical eventuality.

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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