Virtual Shackles A Latent Matrix

A Logical Introduction
Youtube’s Paradoxical Contradictions

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Attesting Youtube Account: atelstanholder


This is a Logical Introduction to Youtube’s/Google’s Contradictive Policies, And these contradictions summarizes a paradoxical situation when juxtaposed. My objective approach might be sprinkled with a few personal biases, But being a victim of virtual insignificance is the equated version of ordinary insignificance.
Casualties of Innocence has always been the slaves of superiority, And the masters at war, Battle with there pens and papers, while the slaves blood and tears get slaughtered….!
‘The First Amendment’ Protects my right to write these articles, And if Google/Youtube rejects, Then this will be another Paradox to ad to the equation.
I’ve always questioned the power of singularity, Meaning, The power of a single individual, I’d love to explore the power of myself and my ability to put this entire ordeal into some kind of logical perspective, So please ””READ BELOW””

Google Bite The Hands That Fed Them

Google Terminated My ‘atelstanholder’ Account and the only way to contact Google/Youtube is through automation and automated forms. This is a travesty, You invest years on Youtube only to suffer the consequences of autob-bots and artificial intelligence, Not a single human support available.
Maybe Google’s Administration assume i’m just a powerless Internet User that will eventually fade into oblivion, But the power of information makes it an even rivalry.
I have a Long List of Google’s Entire Corporation Contact Information.
Office and Management Department, Co-Founder and President, Senior Advisor, Senior Vice President, Senior Advisor Youtube, Chief Financial Officer and a Long List of Emails, Including Phone numbers and Addresses. My objective is to emailing the entire corporation until someone responds to my issue.

Google The Paradoxical Corporation

GOOGLE CEO: Larry Page

Today Google Terminated one of my Youtube Channels ‘Below Mentioned’
Account: atelstanholder West Indian Vlogs. Apparently the content was deemed Hateful and Provocative, And based on those merits the account was terminated, And this entire process is done through an Automated Process, Manual assistance is a luxury of your illusion, A somewhat “Matrix”.

Noone died watching my videos, no violence erupted, my content hasn’t influenced anyone negatively, No protest or riots, So whats the fundamental reason for my Account Termination? An algorithmic machines inability to detect a distinct error in its own calculation?. (Algorithmic Paradox) Maybe i should teach them Computational Linguistics ‘Sarcasm’. Google then emailed me after the suspension stating they have reserve the right to suspend, terminate any account without notice…!

Youtube’s CEO: Salar Kamangar

He’s also the Senior Vice President Of Videos’s at Google.

Born: 1977, Tehran
Education: Standord University
Youtube’s CEO is Iranian? How Ironic, Chad Hurley stepped down from the position October 2010 and decided to stick around as a Youtube’s Advisor.

Google’s Politically Driven Agenda’s

Isn’t it ironic ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Resulted with atleast 19 Death in Pakistan Alone, Death of The US Ambassador in Libya, Riots across the globe in a perpetual continuity of religious uproars. Don’t misconstrue me as being an advocate or either side, US Government, Google, Youtube or The Muslim World. However, I understand the politically driven implications, and how it can impact on a group that’s driven by the very core of these politically implicated principles.

Hillary Clinton Defends The First Amendment

I found it intriguing when Hillary disassociated the US Government’s association with ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ The White House despises the video and Hillary agreed that the video denigrates and provokes outrage. But the Constitution allows freedom of expression no matter how distasteful.
Now this constitution doesn’t favor ‘Youtube User Mr Pregnant’, And that’s because they don’t have an ulterior motive for me so a politically driven motive is irrelevant. Clearly the video is Provocative and Harmful, Whether the Uproar was done in ignorance or not, So clearly there’s a double standard with Youtube/Google Corporation.

My Personal Email To Google’s CEO: LARRY PAGE

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Eric E. Schmidt

From: Mr Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

May i first apologize for rendering such a short notice on a mediocre issue, That is to entail, Being an ‘Account Youtube Partner’.
As a user, our most significant advantages are also our most difficult disadvantages. I clearly understand the bureaucracy involved and the magnitude of User Registras that outnumber Googles Manpower, Hence the result of ‘Auto Responses’ ‘Complaint Forms’ and other Robotic source interactions.

Clearly there’s bias-ness towards users that posses the ability to encapsulate a wide array of demographics, That’s an economical decision i understand from a business perspective. Being that may, in all ‘Due Respect’ I believe our past predecessors that initiated the evolution of what ‘Youtube’ is today deserves some subtle form of parential treatment, And not in the sense of ‘User Interface & Feature Options’ But a more Corporate Interactive Comradery with its ‘Longest Partners’

My Account received a strike instantaneously after upload, And the difficulty getting assistance Defies Human Description, I’ve invested over 6 years building a cerebral cult following in this virtual spectrum that can perpetuate itself into a continuous oblivion. On The Contrary, We’re demobilized by an algorithmic programs inability to detect a distinct error in its own calculation?. So the repercussions of myself and many of the giants that carried Youtube on its back in the initiation phase is Help Pages, Auto-Forms and Automations?

Again, My apology for “Emailing This Department” But when you’re faced with these conflict and don’t have anyone to turn to for assistance, you’re left with no alternatives but to contact to following available Departments…!
Thank You For Your Time

mrpregnant Comedian
mrpregnantmusic Musician
atelstanholder Rant
  <<< The Suspension On This Account Was Unnecessary..!

Thank You In Advance
Atelston Fitzgerald Holder
Mr Pregnant

The First Amendment A Political Convenience

Innocence Of Muslims Viral Sensation

Innocence Of Muslims is the new viral sensation in our virtual spectrum of infinite video arrays, and I must ponder on its unpopularity amongst religious fanatics and individuals who hold their beliefs sacred beyond social and political scrutiny. I’m a fundamental believer in the ‘First Amendment’ as long as the rudiments of ‘Freedom’ isn’t exploited or manipulated with ulterior political motives.

Conspiracy Or Hypocrisy

I’m not implying a conspiracy or instigating an ulterior motive, however I must expatiate the lack of concerns based on the repercussive violence that erupted from the negative interpretations of this video. The domino effect, chain reactive repercussions were obviously predetermined, Yet the First Amendment allows this illusive marginalized sense of freedom irregardless of the consequences.

First Amendment Vs Consequences

If exercising the First Amendment has negative Consequences, then the ‘First Amendment’ or the ‘Consequences’ needs to be reevaluated. Let’s assume the
First Amendment is right: Then why is the consequences atrocious? Now ‘Ignorance’ is thrown into the equation, to explain the reactive forces of religion.
Consequences Is Right: Then the First Amendment needs to be reevaluated on its most fundamental level, it has to be restructured.

Now we encounter a paradox, Because Freedom cannot be restructured and reevaluated, Any remodeling of Freedom will result in the complete opposite of the definition of the word itself. You can’t say ‘Semi-Freedom’ ‘Half-Freedom’ it’s either you have Freedom or you don’t. A perceptual interpretation with restrictions are no longer categorized as ‘Freedom’ But ‘Fascism’ Its interesting how we compartmentalize the fuzzy idea of free speech and manipulate its vagueness conveniently.

The consequential fatality doesn’t necessarily stem from ignorance, but from the provocative underlying tenant that defies religious description. I’m an advocate for the First Amendment, I support freedom of expression, ‘However’ an unconstructed methodological exploitation of that freedom with latent political agendas is not deemed viable, but more provocative. Isn’t it ironic, the video is still rampant on youtube with over 17 million views?

YouTube’s Double Standards

Flagging, Suspending and Terminating YouTube accounts for mundane, mediocre trivial things, such as Cursing Nudity Harmful or any other contents that might be deemed inconsistent with youtube’s ‘Terms Of Use Policy.’ I’ve been a victim of all of the above mentioned, But my work has never harmed, destroyed, inflicted pain or caused any kind of social, personal, religious, political or cultural turmoil, Yet my videos were taken down numerous times. Shouldn’t the ‘First Amendment’ protect my civil rights? On the contrary, Youtube’s policy infringes on those rights.

1,357 Video On My Youtube Channel and Youtube “TERMINATED MY ACCOUNT” Because it was deemed Hateful and Provocative, Hence their justification for Terminating my account, And ofcourse, taking into consideration the countless Flaggings i probably received. Why not considered the “Millions Of Flaggings” INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS Received and the multiple countries that banned the Video.


Reinstate my account you politically driven corporate tools, You mega giant hypocritical tadpoles, you condescending arrogant self loathing snares. Galavanting your superiority over the meek, aggressively brashing the powerless, Conceited corporate groins shaded in their world of inflated delusional egos, debris of buffoons with sarcastic chuckles, blabbering over pens and papers, all flabbergasted in a virtual universal spectrum that can cease to exist at the wink of an eye. ‘This In Not A Threat’..!

I’ve always been an advocate for Youtube, irregardless of their double standards, pharisee sepulcher twisted policies, like back in 2006 to around 2008 when Youtube allowed “Auto-Reload” to boost a false sense of traffic to raise the market value.

When I Joined Youtube It Was Only 300 to 500 of Us.

Most Discussed For The Day Had: 300 Comments.

Most Viewed Of The Day Had: 10,000 Videos.

Most Subscribed All Time Had: 10,000 Subscribers.

This was Early 2006

My passion for ‘Art’ Defies Human Description and my desire to succeed and have my account back is an infatuated obsession. I’m not going to settle after years of work for prosaic treatment.

‘Reinstate Me’

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

Please do not distribute without written approval
Feel free to contact me:
Copyright 2013

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