Nick Has A PoolHouse

Nick Has A Poolhouse

The Westside Comedy Theatre


Nicks immaculate pool-house, riveted in natures residue; quite a situational irony; “facetiously Ofcourse.” Hydration is an expendable luxury, while the simplistic aesthetic settings pervaded a stealth of rapport and comradery. A modicum of questions and myriad of tangents; the irony of discourse predicated by the latter, where the aura of ambiguity propagates to fruition. Conversely enough; Nick succumbs to the former, embracing the intrinsic value of transparency candidly.

My enthusiasm to engulf and demystify the enigmas of humor simmered in agony; I reckoned, juggling my bewildered free-spirit was a quandary of un-anticipation. How does one grapple with such a notion, crystallizing what’s vaguely inexplicable. Evoking laughter is intriguing but how it’s contrived is a conundrum. The crux of ingenuity lies in the gaps of intuition, and to demystify it would be counterintuitive. Quite a paradox indeed.

The hallmark question of the day, “most embarrassing moment,” to which I cascaded in his foregoing questions, hence an exception to the rule was made. Humor is stuck within the constraints of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, because these subsets encapsulate the overall embodiment of linguistics as a communicative whole. Regardless of pantomime, slapstick or any visual non-verbal form of humor. The interpretative aspects are contingent on communicative interpretations.

In “The Field of Linguistics” there’s a branch called Phonology, which explores sounds, now there’s a few sub-fields; Segmental phonology (which analyses discrete segments – phonemes)
Suprasegmental phonology (which analyses those features which extend over more than one segment – it means, rhythm, stress placement etc.) What we’re specifically focusing on is “Prosody” which analyses rhythm, stress and intonation of speech. Let’s go a little deeper, in “Prosody” there’s two main area I’d like to explore, “Versification” and “Intonation” Versification explores, rhythm, stress and meter etc.., while Intonation explores the highs and lows in pitch etc.

Imagery is a figurative or non-literal device used to paint pictures, and the juxtaposition of the literal, non-literal and tonality or tonal-structure of phonology tends to protrude a visual effect that’s conducive to evoking chuckles cognitively. Which is actually a neurological study of human cognition and the firing of neurons between synapsis in the frontal lube and hierarchy of the brain, at the given point of the euphoria.

Two mutually exclusive fields interlaced with each other, yet a complete dichotomy; which reminds me of Nicks “Who This,” piece. Exploring aesthetics and rhetorical devices, tonal key, intonation rise and fall in pitch, rhythm and cadence all predicates a kind of cognitive dissonance that distorts anticipation.

One I can equate to my infatuation for music theory; particularly suspended, augmented and diminished chords. My Music Channel Psychophysics, a branch of psychology that deals with the relationship between mental phenomenon and physical stimulative euphoria, and the study of acoustics and understanding the correlation between sound and it’s subjective interpretations.

Sleepawaycamp was indeed my most exhilarating experience as a comedian; and my perpetual appreciation goes out to Travis Rust, Jay Weingarden, Ryan Shoemaker, Megan Koester…etc. However, I must add Nick Has A Poolhouse to my subliminal journey. My first unprecedented poolhouse experience. I’m a pandemonium of chaos, but in a vague verbiage way… Nick Rock! Son

(Here’s an interesting metaphor Nick)

The Stock-Market there’s two school of thought: Fundamental vs Technical Analysis; two stock-picking methodologies riveting in contrast; yet both parties are pursuing the same objectives, to capitalize on their equity. Fundamental analysis studies annual and financial reports, proxy statements and the overall long-term perspective of a company’s intrinsic value, regardless of its unpredictability. Whereas, Technical analysis studies chart activity and other various scenarios based of statistical studies. A contrast with identical objectives; but the former is intrinsically more effective; ironically they’re contingent on each other. Stark your podcast in contrast and it’ll create an effective equilibrium. Smooches Nick! (No homosexual intended)

Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Live on Nick Has A Poolhouse

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