The Ghost Of Ambiguity

If you’re suspicious I’m ambiguous

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Most of the outdoor contents are usually psychological and sociological experiments in which the outcome is usually predetermined, and most of the sensationalistic masses that labels me insane doesn’t have one iota of figurative distinctions in linguistics.

That’s the ability to differentiate the difference between ironic, satirical, sardonic and sarcastic humor, and not to mention the juxtaposition of incongruity or things like metaphorical ambiguity etc etc.

If they did, the tonal structure, comedic deliveries, physical gestures and satirical under and overtones would be extremely obvious, But certainly you understand, Mr Medical Student, lol, I’m not being sarcastic, Chuckle.


Fans of puppets and slaves of conformity, classically trained with all these preconceived notions and personal biases, if they only unweave their mental compartmentalizations they’ll have intellectual clarity. Enough with the babble over these cultural and social chains of conformity.

View my work Metaphorical and Satirically, which I believe you already do, poking fun at cultural and social taboos, and becoming a victim of my own discretion allows creative and expressive freedom, there’s always a price to pay, ‘Character Assassination’ lol

I’m just exploring the gaps of incongruity using the figurative aspect of linguistic as a theme of reference, and essence of popularity lies in mediocre sensationalistic appeal, hence the reason 90% of the most watched content on the Internet isn’t based on ‘Quantum Mechanics’ ‘Organic Chemistry’ or ‘Micro Biology’ it’s Booty Shaking, Dancing Animals and Shocking Public Clips.

I’m an introvert secluded within close proximity of myself, I usually interact with peers that speak similar language, the language of ideas without boundaries and restrictions, and outside the parameters of my extremely tiny circle I’m usually ostracized for not living up to their pseudo expectations.

Thank You For The Support. My Appreciation Defies Description

The End…

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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