I’ve destroyed many friendships; some were insignificant, while others regretful; then there’s the illuminated beings, with a nature beyond the physical, craving ascension, desiring the spark to ignite the fire in their soul..I’ve shun your glow with logic and reason, using cognizance and perceiving only through faculty. A perpetual suffering has been my reciprocity for such a notion. unable to accept or appreciate individuals for who they are—-my actions were unjustly driven by self-interest. I ask your forgiveness!

The beautiful souls that permeated my life and radiated my spirit, has all withered into the cold desert air, because I was unable to express empathy, or insight beyond reason..I’ve undergone agony of perpetual regrets, and surrender wholeheartedly; vulnerability is my sanctuary of liberation, an exposure free from deceit. If you ponder on my words, and thoughts of me permeate your heart, then public apology is worth the effort!

I’ve ruffled the wrong souls, and paying a hearty price; I’m pledging my apology! I ask the universe sincerely, please fulfill my desire, give them compassion to embrace me again, or breathe into my existence fresh souls that mirror my imperfection, a magical being possessing the quality of acceptance is the highest eternal bliss! 🙏

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