The Study Of Situational Irony

The Contrasting Phenomenon

A Fallible Axiom

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Extracting irony in unpredictable scenarios are quite compelling, because it’s unassailably intransigent, a vaguely inexplicable phenomenal experience, that uncannily supersedes our anticipation; basically, an irony is a contrast of what’s anticipated.

I think the rudiments of a situational irony stems from a fallacy in our logic, because to assume that our expectations are supposed to predicate our initial objectives, is an insidious assertion we’re latently oblivious to, and these idiosyncratic innuendos are subjectively fallible to inconsistencies; are we truly predisposed to perceptive axioms in situational scenarios?
(Human predispositions, and our physiological discrepancies)

We must acknowledge that our anticipations are not infallible, and a situational irony derives inadvertently, the irony is not contingent on a logical initiation, and it’s intermittency propels it’s ambiguous and unpredictable state.

Let’s temporarily segue away from the irony, and explore the multifaceted myriads of pseudo-scientific alternative terms that has a far more pervasive appeal, such as; synchronicity, serendipity, apophenia, pareidolia, divine intervention, the law of attraction etc…

There’s a problem with synchronic and serendipitous definitions, their interpretative discrepancies are subjectively compartmentalized; two individuals having synonymous synchronistic or serendipitous experiences simultaneously, may have contrasting opinions.

These definitions don’t explain the phenomenon of an ironic situation, what it does is, inextricably juxtaposes the situation and gives it a sensationalistic definition, and society latches unto the empirical aspect of it and create more undefinable hierarchy or ideas; Devine intervention, external forces, law of attraction, connecting to the universe, and the mediocrity is perpetual.

The real problem is, an irony doesn’t intricately define the experience, it can semi-describe the situation, but the experience itself is empirically ill-defined, and the vaguely inexplicability of the situation remains an existentialistic enigma, quite a conundrum we’ll grapple with into continuity.

There’s no intermediary between an anticipation and the result being an irony, we retrospectively retrofit a former and latter and highlight it’s incongruity, “based on the end result,” but the logical attributes are contingent on a fallible axiom indeed, (1+1=2) cannot be used as a mathematical metaphor, within the context of a situation with an intended results, regardless of the irony of un-anticipation.

Conversely enough, (Hypothetically) What if an irony had an objective of expecting a contrasting scenario, and the latter did not adverse itself, then the predicated consistency in failing to situationally contrast is a reverse irony, from a completely different perspective. Insidious ain’t it? Reversing the logic allows us to look at the ironic situation more objectively.

It’s quite possible an irony exist in logic itself, an abstract concept protruding itself regardless of the dichotomic state in any given scenario. That makes an irony interesting because its not contingent on any form of rationality. A situational irony is not an error, it is the fallibility that exist within the faulty pre-assumption in retrospect to a latent axiom.

Therefore; an adverse interpretation of a situation is not conducive to a metaphysical pseudo-scientific definition; however, it can be equated with, “irony.” An irony appears contravening because of its rhetorical divisiveness. Ironies are consistent in their contrasting effect, although it protrudes itself intermittently. The consistency of what an irony represent itself is linguistically questionable, but it’s derivative nature and the experience itself, is a eureka that’s ubiquitous.

This images above are more “visual irony,” although they’re situational, ironically, now they’re demonstratively visuals. A situational irony is contingent on an actual real moment for its truest nature to prevail; after-all, they don’t call it, “situational,” for no reason. Chuckle ostensibly!

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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