The Guilt Of Comedy

Bumping A Comic

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


I’m sitting here in solitude pondering in despair, such triviality, Yet I’m sleeping in discomfort. What’s deemed subtle to you brought me immense self discontent. Your incandescence glow is the core that emulates the rooms magnetic aura, and putting me on because of my work schedule is an appreciation that defies description.

However, I’m compelled to take full responsibility for somewhat manipulating you into bumping me ahead of the other comics, regardless of my work schedule. Mainstream comedic notoriety is undoubtedly my predestination, and I’ll never use my affluence futuristically as a performance protrusion over any comic.

It’s the quintessential gist of a self centered egotist, and that’s comedically counterintuitive. I’ve experienced ‘the guilt of comedy’ an undesirable notion I’ll never tread again. I’ve sequestered myself permanently from the ‘Anonymous Open Mic’

Stand Up Comedy is an intriguing phenomenon, and demystifying humors enigma is an uncanny quest I yearn desirably..!

Again..! Please accept my apologies

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