The Antisocial Manifesto

Born In Solitude

Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


I’m oblivious to social dynamics because the comradery seems trivial, ironically the rapports appear latently magnetic, and although my social ineptitude is my primary Idiosyncrasy, I struggle to integrate ostensibly.

Succumbing to seclusion and embracing solitude, another perpetual day of interactive impasse, a pejorative quandary is quite a self inflicting discrepancy.

A victim of mundanity is the irony of impunity, and although condescension seems viable, the contrast seems like an empirical notion to ponder on. The mediocrity of a man grappling with his contingencies, postmodern pseudo dialectics i presume?

The latter being a euphemism and ad hominem. Crystallizing benevolence with ambiguity is a repugnance that never succumbs to monotony, a perquisite that’s paramount. “Nevertheless.”

I abhor women, and my disdain contrast misogyny, it’s plowing through the triviality that’s daunting, a continuum cycle contingent on my pseudo reciprocation, adjacent are men, an inconceivable hurdle engaging in dialogs that never fails to cascade into the trenches of awkwardness..!

If succumbing to this social ubiquitousness is imperative, ill embrace insanity as a gift, a mental exile that’s free from social dis-ingenuity. There’s something unreal about ‘social interactions’ a fraudulent simulation, it’s a script individuals regurgitate and the verbatim perpetuates itself. The lemmings of plagiarism catapulting over a cliff in total oblivion…!

I am contented with the objectives of collectives, contrarily, when the mundanity permeates my space it hinges on my mental equilibrium, hence the reason I appear ‘eccentric’ a polite euphemism, a pervasive label I hear prevalently, not prominently…

I’ve written this implicitly because explicitly would remove the ambiguity, and in this virtual spectrum, imperialism and capitalism always prevails, and Ofcourse, I enjoy perplexing a reader into ambivalence..!

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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