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Andy Crossa: “Thoughts on Comedy”
Hey man
Ive seen you coming out to the store mic for the last couple of mondays. I caught your set there the last time you got on the lottery list. this is just my opinion, but Ive heard that the store tends to really be into comedy that’s honest and raw about deep, real-life issues.

your set, about pretending not to know what youre doing and how much time you have remaining etc might have rubbed them the wrong way and that might be why you’re not getting back up on the list..

sorry don’t mean to be rude or hurtful. just didnt want you to schlep back and forth and wonder why you werent getting any luck without realizing that.. maybe if you mention to the guys running it that you have some new material they’ll give you more time

Peculiar Endeavours

Atelston Fitzgerald Holder Ist – Response

The irony of such a notion; I’ve had preceding opportunities at the comedy-store in three to four successive increments. A peculiar consistency that’s inevitably contingent on a form of ingenuity. Quite an anecdotal assertion that lacks any real form of inference on his part. I wish they’ll embrace my alluring presence with confidence, because my eagerness of anticipation defies description. Regardless, Thank You for the advice, “Mr Crossa.”

Nevertheless; Today i was pondering on homophones, homonyms, homographs, polysemy, heteronym and heterographs. Paradigmatic vs syntagmatic relationships in semantic and syntactic ambiguity; specifically the role diachronic and synchronic plays in polysemous interpretations.

What’s an intriguing phenomenon is the predictability of ambiguity in humor being conducive to multiple interpretations rather than uncertainty or indecisiveness. Regardless if they serve as a precursor or not. The pattern is perpetual and cognitively predictable, hence the reason phonological imagery pervades, because it’s a neurological appeal, it relies on “painting a picture,” a peculiar method to ponder on.

Quantifying one or multiple interpretations constitute the polysemic effect, one that’s a continuity of homophones, homographs or homonyms. A predictable level of creativity predicated on a high level of linguistic wit. Ironic indeed..! Is it insidious to see synonymous correlations between diachronic, synchronic vs denotation and connotation?

The relationship is analogical; the formers focuses on linguistics historical evolutionary stages of language; (2) and a specific point in time and its developmental stages; and the laters emphasizing on the fundamental meaning of lexemes; (2) it’s social evolution and its contemporary transition. A time relationship, past and present creating contrasts in lexical meanings.

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