Keepin It Real

Juvenalian Satire

“Keeping It Real”


Yo where my niggas at? Where ma niggas at yo? Yo on some real shit yo, imma bout to spurts some gangsta shit up in this bitch yo, “you know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying yo? For real yo. Like today yo, I get on this bus, and niggas be sitting in the handicap seat section yo, yo that’s some real bullshit yo.

Am like, “yo, ain’t you niggas gonna give the seat to the handicap yo? wtf, that’s being polite yo, like on some real shit yo, that shit piss me off yo, am like “yo wtf,. If am on dis train and I see old lady commin in, imma give that seat up yo. Cause niggas keep it real.

But yo niggas ain’t doing that shit, yo all sit like a mother f##cker and let da old lady standup! like ain’t your mama teach you shit nigger? Like common bro, common bro, keep that shit real nigga, keep that shit real nigga. YA KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN? I’m like “shittttttt.”

Yo let’s keep it real aight, let’s keep it real yo.
Peace out.
“Keeping it Real”
Jaquan Malice

Summary: Juvenalian Satire is the harshest form of satire, it uses social commentary to exploit social-taboos, cultural folly and idiosyncrasies in ideologies. It uses a non literal form of communication to eulogize a sarcastic subtext.

Satire uses irony, sarcasm and other figurative devices to convey a contrasting meaning, and the enigma behind the harsh satire is usually contingent on the condescending or sarcastic tones used fictiously over paramount issues. Satire highlights false axioms, fallacies and other faulty logic reasoning or any idea one thinks deserve ridicule.

This form of satire is the stark laceration at organizations, companies, institutions or any medium that encapsulates and particular faction, idea or worldview. Juvenalian Satire’s interpretation are always subjective; opponents of a satirical piece may see it as a sinister divisive tool.

Whereas, advocates will agreeably embrace the subtext with a benevolent sense of condescension. Next we’ll explore the myriad of satires; such as: Horatian, Menippean and more….!
By the way, “Jaquan Malice” is a pseudonym. Please disregard grammatical and pronunciation errors, I wrote this lackadaisically. (Chuckly Ostensibly)

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