God Hates Atheist and Homosexuals

God Hates Atheist and Homosexuals

Thoughts From A True Christian

God Exist Regardless You Believe or Not

PASTOR: Winston Baker
United Methodist Baptist Church

A Doctor of Philosophy in Theology,
Apologetics & Pastoral Counseling!

People who don’t believe in god are just plain stupid, like the atheist say they don’t believe in a god, they’re the most ignorant people in the world and should burn in hell. As a Christian I take pride in Jesus, and I understand that he died on the cross for me, but he was murdered by jews, that’s whole other subject.

Atheist always say there’s no proof for gods existence, and to me that’s just silly, ever wondered why the sky is blue? Because god created it that way, it could of been pink or yellow, but god chooses blue to make the sky’s beautiful, and please don’t tell me about quantum mechanics and particles in atom is what do that shit, because science is a pile of made up bullshit.

My next evidence for god is; if we came from nothing? why is there something? How could matter make me as the intellectual person I’m am? I would not be able to rationalize this argument would I? My third evidence for god is, my Brain and it’s complexities which is more powerful than a computer, stupid atheist can never answer these basic questions because they’re to caught up in their tiny ignorant bubble.

God created the earth in 7 days, and evolution is bullshit, real bullshit; how did I come from a monkey? Then there should be a man-key, where’s the Mankey? Half man and half monkey.
To me it seems like atheist just use a bunch of educated words to fool people into thinking they’re intelligent when they’re not. God said the meek shall inherent the earth.

That’s why when god returns he’ll burn atheist and homosexuals in the fires of hell for contaminating the world with their bigotry and abomination. I’m proud to be a Christian be cause I was chosen by god to spread the message of his goodness and his forgiving ways regardless of how wicked man is.

The LBGTQ community needs their demon cast out of their body, how can you have these evil spirits? Come to the “United Methodist Baptiste Church,” and repent because in hell the maggots live into eternity; do you all want that? Of course now. Why would you perform surgery to remove your sexual organs? you all have evil spirits and demons that we need to cast out with the Holy Ghost.

American is legalizing gay people, that’s so so bad for society, because man will now sleep with man and destroy families and home and god hates that. That is why god give them aids to teach them a lesson. Those people who are hungry in Africa? God are teaching them a lesson by testing their faith in him, they are training for gods work, and if they die it’s because god chooses to take them for whatever personal reason.

I don’t question god because he is perfect, and we are not so we are not allowed to judge him because he made us and we are to simple to understand his power. Atheist always tell me about “god commanding rape and murder in the bible” so? That’s god dude, he could do whatever he wants. Why are we able to grow chickens and eat it, but god who made us isn’t allowed to do as he please?

Atheist are the most stupid, ignorant, morons on the planet, because they don’t realize god is outside time and space, he’s outside looking in at the universe, it’s so damn simple if you only use common sense, something atheist don’t seem to get. God blessed me with the wisdom and understanding to know these things.

Like the bible say a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but all these women act like men, “working” that’s wrong on so many level, you all are supposed to stay home and make babies and only leave the house when you are told. I am not a massagegonistic, but based on the “bible” women are boiligically and intelectualy inferior, and it has been proven by science and the bible—God made “Adam” first and “Eve” after, meaning she’s the lesser of gods perfection. but that’s another topic.

Even if you showed me evidence that proves god doesn’t not exist, I still would not believe, because you cannot prove god, “you scientific idiots,” god is a spirit and exist outside of science, science is man made and to simply for the greatness of god, and until you idiots understand that, I suggest you hide behind a bunch of scientific big words.

And don’t think because I’m black I’m stupid, because I’m not, I’m actually very intelligent and in college getting my plenty of degrees as we speak, so I know about physics, biology, neurology, astronomy and all that made up bullshit about darkness is the absence of light? The bible said;”and god said, let there be light and there was light,” are you all so naive and stupid?

The problem with science is, it’s “pretentious” it uses a lot of big words to impress people and sound intelligent, but it’s garbage. My church is 75% blacks, and 35% white, and I made everyone stop reading completely, because reading is just plain stupid to me; you have to feel God and use your emotions to connect with a higher spirit, so reading is disallowed in my congregation, no acceptions.

I will always put my belief of good before science. Because anyone who believes in science is a real jackass. Sorry for being condescending but I love god and get very sensitive, and god wouldn’t mind because he knows it’s because of my love for him and the hate for human ignorance. If I meet a person and they tell me they’re an atheist or agnostic, I let them know they have to accept god in their life or I will not be their friends.

Let me enlighten you ignoramus; here’s bible text on sin and the abomination of homosexuality.
“The wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23,”
“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” – Leviticus 18:22
“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them hath committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” – Leviticus 20:13.

Trust me when I tell you I read the bible, so I don’t understand how people could be so ignorant of god? You all will never understand the glory of gods goodness, and I strongly suggest you all start reading the bible.

But please don’t read to bible literally okay? A lot of atheist don’t understand how to read the bible, you have to ask to Holy Spirit to come into your heart and open your mind, something the atheist and homosexuals are afraid to do. Atheist are to busy hating god, and homosexuals busy opening something else.

Most of the people who will attack me based on my ideas are just jealous, they’re jealous because I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind, and that’s the biggest problem in the world today, people not being allowed to say what’s in their mind. You don’t have to agree, and you don’t have to like it, you just have to understanding that I have that right. And anyone that tries to take my right away to free speech is just as evil as me. As for the Jews, Palestines, Muslims and African-Americans—that’s another subject!

Juvenalian Satire
An immaculate piece of figurative expression; encapsulating the rudiments of humor, ridicule and exaggeration, using figurative and rhetoric, the non-literal aspects of language to explore the myriad of satires and it’s trichotomy between Horatian, Menippean and Juvenalian Satire.

Juvenalian Satire is contingent on political and social commentary, the highlighting of social taboo and cultural folly. I find it intriguing how satire uses irony, sarcasm, facetiousness, condescension and other forms figurative and rhetorical devices as a conveying tool to express satire.

Summary: Juvenalian Satire is the harshest form of satire, it uses social commentary to exploit social-taboos, cultural folly and idiosyncrasies in ideologies. It uses a non literal form of communication to eulogize a sarcastic subtext.

Satire uses irony, sarcasm and other figurative devices to convey a contrasting meaning, and the enigma behind the harsh satire is usually contingent on the condescending or sarcastic tones used fictiously over paramount issues. Satire highlights false axioms, fallacies and other faulty logic reasoning or any idea one thinks deserve ridicule.

This form of satire is the stark laceration at organizations, companies, religions, institutions, or any medium, group or particular faction with a particular worldview. Juvenalian Satire’s interpretation are always subjective; however, opponents of satirical pieces often misconstrue it’s interpretation, and may see it as a sinister divisive tool—unfortunately!

Whereas, advocates will agreeably embrace the subtext with a benevolent sense of condescension. Next we’ll explore the myriad of satires; such as: Horatian, Menippean and more….!


Conceptual mappings across mutually exclusive domains are quite a peculiar mnemonics you can use to retain information indefinitely, simply because the cross-platforming between domains are intertwined in a very analogical way. And if you observe the first two paragraphs on the solar system, you’ll see a strong correlation between celestial relationships and the atom.


Retrofitting ironic correlations between the Declaration of Independence, Article of Confederation, Bill of Rights Implementation in The US Constitution; The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment; The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and The Fair Housing Act of 1968 etc…!


Thermodynamics was indeed a major influential force behind the steam engine, gaining insight into the underlying mechanism that governs the conversion of heat into other forms of energy; and discovering consistent laws to describe how energy oscillates within a system, from concentrated to less-concentrated.


“Here’s My Video,” discussing the cross-platforming disciplines between mutually exclusive domains. Linguistics and it’s figurative and rhetorical overlaps in physics and other attributes. Propagating velocity, dynamic equilibrium and also logical, arbitrary and obscure metaphors. Biology, zoology and it’s subset are where metaphorical extractions pervade.


A chained tandem covering a myriad of linguistic subsets; primarily Figurative Devices, Phonology, Ambiguity, Semiotics, Semantics, and specifically “Segmental and Suprasegmental” in sound and it’s role in demystifying sarcasm and other Figurative & Rhetorical Devices.

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