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Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


Echoes Under Sunset is quite an unorthodox medium, with a contrasting demographics and multiple polarized performers all encapsulated in the overall dichotomic whole of humor.

Ironically I find the juxtaposition of a rooms incongruence to be quite an unpredictable ambience, A state of ambivalence in the core of an experiential ambiguity is quite a discomforting comfort, an oxymoronic notion I embrace irrationally.

A gigantic protruding projector and myriads of miscellaneous aesthetics awaiting to be extrapolated by the abstract cerebral observer. Such latent phenomenons oblivious in absurdity craving abstract resolution.

May I ponder on my dissatisfaction to demystify the enigmas of spontaneity, a paradoxical contention that will indeed obliterate one to demystify the other. Isn’t that ironic? A quest to resolve the consequences of the very said unpredictability you enjoy. The quintessential of human curiosity makes him a victim of his own discretion.

This open mic is partitioned in all aspect, and the Host deviates in multiple successions beyond the parameters of anticipation, unanticipated verbal and physical intervals, and protruding the audience into a state of perpetual ambivalence.
Quite the luxurious rudiments of what humor is contingent on.

(Echoes Under Sunset) is syntactically ambiguous, one being the literal terminology and the other being the metaphorical non literal interpretations, maybe it has idiomatic potentials, A syntactical denotation that evolves into a contemporary cliche connotation.

Nevertheless, My experience here defies description, and I hope this rooms aura doesn’t wither into the cold desert air, Because a dull moment here is not a luxury you can afford. Missing this Open Mic would be a perpetual travesty, that will wither you into the cold desert air. My review is without a sense of irony…!

Masters Of Ceremony

Jay Weingarden & Ryan Schumaker
The Irony In A Metaphor


Jay Weingarden and Ryan Schumaker are the pillars that propels this medium into the apex of magnificent continuity, merging a myriad of multifaceted incongruity and juxtaposing them into a harmonious consonance. Performance paradox, it’s like a dichotomy when a show is partitioned into mutually exclusive contrasting parts, yet it encapsulates the moment as a perfect singular. As a collective comedic team they’re comparable to noone, hence the reason using a non literal parallel comparison would be far more suitable to define their characteristics..!

They’re like The Pinky and The Brain of humor, metaphorically speaking, quite an abstract notion, And the cartoons apocalyptic objectives are always obliterated by their mediocre idiosyncratic peculiarities, hence the humor protrudes counterintuitively and counterproductively.

Jay and Ryan is the irony in the metaphor, their quest to conquer humor is filled with brevity, satire and multiple visual aesthetic incorporation, while sarcasm is food for daffodils. They explore the gaps of spontaneity, succumbing to excellence in successions and never excluding the audience from the equation. This metaphor only applies contextually, Because outside the parameters of their collaboration you’re dealing with a whole different comedic dynamics.

The irony in the metaphor makes the parallel consolidation figuratively forceful, two different forms of existence that doesn’t mesh, yet the incompatibility in contradictions is relevant to exercising the error in the metaphorical application itself.

A Sidenote I’d like to add to the equation, I find condescending sarcasm and sarcasm in general to be the lowest form of comedic wit, because the humor is contingent on the disparagement of a victim, it’s not self reliant. On the contrary, taking into consideration a social settings ability to encapsulate the non literal aspect of language is contingent on a high level of wit, a situational irony indeed…!
My experience here has been phenomenal, so my biasness is a subjectively justifiable notion indeed..!

Now I’m of to grapple with my obscure infatuation, Teuthology, Inside The Mind Of An Octopus, dissecting evolutionary metaphors in invertebrates is quite an unorthodox constructive time waster, a paradoxical hobby, and who knows? maybe their rudimentary nature can unravel the enigmas of spontaneity..!

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

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