Board of Instigative Proposition

Board of Instigative Proposition

The Girl Who Urinated in My Mouth

Today I asked a girl in Starbucks to urinate in my mouth, not because I’m a creep, but because of mathematics, logic and statistics. Based on geometry, I’m symmetrically challenged and anatomically distorted from all angles, and taking into consideration my infinitesimal genital organs and robust digestive organs, all odds are unanimously against me. Personality was my last resort, but that withered with my self-esteem after my discoveries of “mirrors.”

She on the other hand was undeniably above my aesthetic league, a model of some sort, I remember getting rejected from a woman of here stature in my dream. Beautification is an understatement, she was simply magnificently splendid, and I was prepared to chew the nails off her toes and caress the ground with my tongue before she made a human step.

My only gesture was my intellectual capacity, to which seems counterproductive in the sensual lust and appetite for her flesh. After an awkward introduction I bypassed the trivial social construct and propositioned her with my bureaucratic method of subjugation. Embarrassingly enough; I offered her $300, to urinate in my mouth. She hesitated and disgruntled away, but her friend stayed and said, “Can I see the money?” After providing the financial evidence she ensued her friend, returning her to the board of instigative proposition.

Very seldom I condone such visual vulgarity, but her aesthetic appeal surpassed that of a lab simulation, to say she was designed by artificial intelligence would be an understatement, and the honor of having her anus plowed deeply on my chin, while her genitals trenched deep within my Mandingo lips is a desire that defies human description. I could hear her cervix and uterus chuckle ostensibly, because for once they get to excrete in a different medium, one that truly embraces and encapsulates their discharge.

The velocity of her golden-oral-shower propagated in subset increments down my esophagus, while my tongue swizzled her perennial squirts, the urine poured intermittently in a myriad of directions, obviously the objective was to funnel every drop from her liquid shop. The urinating session lasted exactly 1:15 sec, from the mere introductive raindrops to gushing effusively, and of course my enthusiasm immersed like “Prince” in Purple Rain.

I had her twerking in a squat-like position up-and-down profusely, “bitchslapping” my mouth with her genitals. The last drips plummeted to my lips, my only contention was a huge portion of the liquid permeated my nose and eyes, this was the least of my anticipation. Although urine is water and salt that contains nitrogen, it felt like a fleeting moment of pepper-spray.

Reminded me of the time I stalked a 500lbs, one breasted, midget-girl home, because she rejected me. Being dismissed as inadequate by someone I initially pursued in the quest towards quantity rather than quality, is a reaction i found truly inappropriate. Aerosol Spray containing Cayenne Peppers used as a disabling weapon somehow had an inadvertent effect on my psyche, now I’m deeply infatuated with burning bodily discharge.

It was an emotional decision, but a logical reason, I questioned my sense of dignity and whether this will affect my self-esteem in the future. The minute we departed I instantaneously decided to fast for a month, so her urine can marinate the walls of my esophagus, it’s equivalent to encountering a celebrity and getting their autograph, then embodying the sentiments in a picture frame for exhibition. Well my throat is that picture frame, and the walls have her name.

After my 30 days fasting I’ll consume liquids with a straw to preserve the walls in my throat, it’ll create stains which would eventually induce hieroglyphic connotations; abstract urine stains representing the actions, ideas and sound of my entire experience. Thanks to the Egyptians, I’ve become disgustingly innovative, “artistically.” I’ll never see her again, but she’ll always be the girl who urinated in my mouth. Morals and ethics have many dimensions, but a good board of instigative proposition, is a bureaucracy that makes the entire intervention relative.

A hypothetical metaphor to highlight the relativistic aspect of moral and ethics. Philosophical satire….

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